Google Launches Podcasts App for Android

Google podcast app

Podcasts have always had an audience, albeit a niche one, but this exciting form of entertainment has recently hit a new height of popularity. The surge in podcast listeners is likely due to the fact that more and more users want to consume media while multitasking – whether you’re driving, cooking, making play-dough moulds of your high-school friends, or whatever other weird things one does in the comfort of their home, you can do all that and listen to a podcast at the same time.

Up until recently there were a few podcast-type apps already available to Android users, but many of them have been buggy and probably not 100 percent legal. Which is why this new release from Google is so exciting – considering Google’s size and the amount of resources it can put into providing a decent service, the news of a Google podcast app is a pretty big deal for those who have been let down by mediocre podcast apps in the past.

Google podcast app
To get started a user simply need to download the app and start listening to any of the available podcasts for free. The app has loads of great features to make it more convenient for listeners including playback speed settings as well as the ability to skip over prolonged silences.

A benefit of being part of the Google stable is the Podcast app is also compatible with Google Assistant, which will allow you to search for podcasts straight from the Assistant interface. And, as with many of Google’s other apps, it can also be synced across different devices, so that with a single profile you’ll be able to keep track of which podcasts you’ve listened to and how far you’ve gotten will be tracked across any of your devices that have the app.

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Google has also mentioned that it is going to be using its AI and speech-to-text services to create a better podcast listening experience.

So if you’re a podcast fan head over to the Play Store to download it now and see what’s on offer!

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