5 Must-Try Beauty Products From GOSH! [Review]

Gosh cosmetics

GOSH Cosmetics has recently released some fabulous new products and I was lucky enough to try them out. The Denmark beauty brand is well known for its innovative, trendy and cost effective make-up goodies that are great for all skin types so I was excited to test out their new offerings along with some old favourites. Here are 5 Must-Try Beauty Products From GOSH Cosmetics!

1. GOSH Primer Plus + Hydration (R210 from Edgars)

Gosh primer

I’ve been a huge fan of Inglot’s Under Makeup Base for a little while now but at R299 it doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. This new primer from GOSH offers a lower price point and excellent quality. The product was designed to help ladies create that porcelain perfect skin look and assists with blurring and softening out fine lines (thanks to the anti-aging properties of snow algae). The product has a great consistency and goes on like a lotion to hydrate the skin while also creating a great canvas for make-up. I didn’t experience any dry spots or smudging while using this product and it helped keep my look fresher for longer. I suffer from dry and dehydrated skin and loved how this product my skin feel.

2. GOSH Defining Brow Gel in grey brown (R110 from Edgars)

Gosh Brow gel

This product was a real winner for me! It allows you to create statement brows with absolute ease. Having gel and colour combined in one product is brilliant and I loved how easy it is to apply. I tested the brown gel, but it also comes in black and transparent. When applying make sure you have a steady hand and work as carefully as you would with a brow pencil or powder, or you will end up with brown gel all over your brow bone.

3. Gosh Matt Duo Eyeshadow (R119 from Edgars)

Gosh eye shadow


These matt duo eyeshadows come in six different colour palate combinations. The colours have been carefully paired together to create a unique combination of colours. The shadow goes on easily and blends well. The colours offer a great, vivid pigment and you won’t need more than a swipe or two with a brush or your finger to create a striking look.

4. GOSH Smokey Eyeliner (R110 from Edgars)

Gosh Eyeliner

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If you’re a  big fan of the smokey eye then this is going to be a lifesaver. The pencil is soft and super easy to smudge. It comes in brown, plum, black and blue and is perfect for creating sexy and sultry look. I used the black pencil and loved how easy it is to apply. The pencil itself is so soft you need to be careful how much product you apply (Panda eyes don’t look good on anyone!) Once you’ve created your line then simply use the handy sponge at the back of the pencil to smudge away.

5. GOSH No Limit Lash Mascara (R130 from Edgars)

Gosh Mascara

This mascara is for the woman who loves to create a no-holds-barred look. It gives you fabulous volume and has a flexible brush to reach those difficult to reach corner lashes. I loved creating clump-free volume packed lashes with this mascara and at R130 it’s an absolute steal.

For more information on GOSH visit the GOSH South Africa website or say Hi to GOSH South Africa on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • I just saw this brand in a beauty store in my country, Chile, and I didn’t know if I should give it a try. I’m interested in the brow gel, since I’ve been looking for one. I hope I find it! The primer caught my attention, too. Thanks for the reviews!

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