5 New Hair Trends You Need To Try! [Trend Alert]

Mocha bronde trend

You know what they say; “a change is as good as a holiday”. And what easier way to make a change to your look than getting a new hairdo? There are so many super cool hair trends hitting the scene this year that you can’t possibly see the year through without trying at least one of them! Luckily for us L’Oréal South Africa and Tanaz Hair is here to save the day with an easy-to-follow guide to hair trends for 2015. From fabulous cuts to unique dye jobs there’s a new look to suit both the daring and cautious lass in you.

1. The Balayage

Balage Hair

Also known as Splashlights, this technique is trending in a big way this year! Balayage (French for “to sweep or paint”) is a freehand technique that allow the stylist to create a sun-kissed natural-looking hair colour (similar to the type of colour you see on children’s hair). With Balayage, stylists focus on the less-is-more approach and re-growth lines are softer and far less noticeable. For a natural look the Balayage pieces should be close together, soft at the root, leading to a thicker highlight at the ends of the hair.

Works best on: brunettes with longer, thicker, and heavier hair.

2. Bronde

Bronde hair trend

Bronde is blonde and brunette in perfect harmony and is the ideal look for dark-haired ladies who want to try a lighter colour with natural, healthy-looking hair results. Bronde can be warm, cool or neutral. The trick for natural-looking Bronde is not to have too much contrast between the roots and highlighted end. With minimal contrast, the result is low on upkeep and fresher-looking.

Works best on: brunettes.

3. Dip Dye

dip dye hair trend

If you’re looking for a striking look then Dip Dye is the way to go. Instead of a gradual fading of colour, dip dye creates a sharp colour contrast. Bright pink, electric blue, lime green, vibrant purple … the dipped section can be any colour you want! To achieve the Dip Dye look, the ends are dipped in a pre-lightener and then once the hair is a pale yellow, the colour is applied.

Works best on: anyone looking for a bold change.

4. Babylights and Sombre

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Babylights trend

Babylights and Sombre, have a lot in common. They both result in a darker-to-lighter fade with micro-thin highlights creating the effect of sunshine on a child’s hair. Babylights are also a great way to save money on highlights as they give you more time on your re-growth. You can take your six weekly appointments to twelve weeks, if you have no grey. The first set takes time and is rather costly but if you discuss your budget with your stylist then you can plan the year with them.

Works best on: any hair type.

5. Ecaille

Ecaille hair trend

Ecaille (French for “tortoiseshell”) has been described as the moody sister to Ombre and Bronde and is not as dramatic as Ombre but more obvious than Bronde. The result is achieved by mixing golden lights with darker, richer caramel tones and including honey, amber, golden blonde and dark brown shades, coupled with gloss. Ecaille is usually made up of a wide range of different shades, from honey and amber tones to darker bases and golden strands. The diverse options make for a wide range of choices and it’s best to discuss what works best for your skin tone with your stylist.

Works best on: any hair type.

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