5 Health Food Trends To Watch Out For in 2016!

If like everyone else on the planet you’ve a made a New Year’s resolution to follow a more healthy lifestyle in 2016 then listen up. We want you to stay on this healthy path and nothing will keep you more on track than these healthy foodie trends. From going crazy with matcha to enjoying the many benefits of nutrient-dense seaweed, there’s so much to explore this year. Here are 5 food trends to keep your eye on in 2016!

1. Fat is Back!


Banters rejoice full-fat food is going to be a huge trend in 2016. But before you start stuffing your face with fast food, we’re not talking greasy, artery clogging fats, we’re talking healthy fats from naturally full fat products like nuts, avocados, yoghurt and milk. In 2016 your days of scanning the isles for fat-free everything are over and it’s all about celebrating nature’s good fats.

2. Seaweed is the new Kale


In 2016 Kale is out and nutrient-dense seaweed is in! The humble seaweed is actually one one of most nutrient-dense plants on the planet (who knew!) In 2016 everyone from chefs to big manufacturers will be using seaweed as a healthier way to replace the salt added to processed foods. That’s right, this year you won’t just be scoffing seaweed at your local sushi joints but rather you can expect to see it on menus countrywide.

3. Matcha will be king!

Matcha tea

While Matcha was already starting to get super popular near the end of 2015, this year matcha will be king when it comes to food. The antioxidant-rich Japanese green tea in a powder form is as versatile as it comes and can be whisked into hot water or milk to form a deliciously interesting drink. But, before you think you’ll only find it at your local coffee shop, think again, this powerful tea isn’t just for drinks. You can expect to see the tea used in bitter-sweet dishes at your favourite restaurants as chefs start using it on dessert and breakfast menus.

4. Craft nut milks will be a huge deal

nut milk

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If you thought almond milk gained popularity in 2015, then get ready for a slew of new artisan-style nut milks to hit the market in 2016. Forget mass-produced nut milks, this year we will be sipping on craft, small batch nut milks made from every nut under the sun. Think cashew, walnut, macadamia nut, Brazil nut, even pistachio! Great news if you’re dairy intolerant, not so great news if you’re allergic to nuts!

5. Root-to-stem eating will be the new norm


The issue of food waste is going to be a huge concern in 2016 which has led to chefs the world over experimenting with root-to-stem eating. Expect to find dishes made from the entire vegetable (leaves and all!) rather than just the pretty bits we have become accustomed to. You can also expect to see dishes made entirely from food that would normally end up in the bin. Look out for dishes using vegetable tops, including carrot, turnip and beet greens.

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