How Can You Design a Custom Hoodie?

Hoodies are trendy in the fashion industry and can be bought by people of every size. It is a garment that can be used anytime. People love wearing hoodies globally, and several big companies are manufacturing them. 

With hoodies being an article of trendy clothing, one can opt for custom-made hoodies to look unique and wear the perfect ideas of their choice. It gives the user a reason to wear the hoodie more often. 

If you want more hoodies, wearing customised ones is better as they bring diversity to the hoodies. Hence, you can customise them as per your choice, be it photos, artistic patterns, or simple graphics. It is also easy to get it done, and you can design custom hoodies online as well. Here are some great tips to help you come up with a great hoodie design.

Choose Your Style

There can be two different types of hoodies, the one with a zip or a pullover one. Both of these are convenient to use and comfortable to wear. However, choosing your hoodie depends on the way you use it. If you opt for a sports event, you can try wearing a hoodie with a zip that is easy to remove by simply unzipping. Also, you can let it appear like a jacket if you keep the zip open. 

Pullover hoodies are worn like a T-shirt and can be used as such. They are better for cold weather as it allows less air to enter. Hence, you can identify the event you are going to wearing the hoodie and choose accordingly. 

Understand the Message

You can customise your hoodie as per the event. For instance, if it is a family reunion or a friend’s get-together, you can make it according to it. Custom hoodies maintain a high fashion idea and can be stylish for you. If you are making them for your personal uses, you can provide a message you like or share. 

Also, you might need to make sure you never inappropriately send the wrong message in an event. For instance, wearing colourful hoodies to a funeral would be a bad idea. Using your imagination and creativity can come in handy while customising a hoodie. 

Plan the Design You Want

After choosing the theme of your customised hoodie, you need to think of the image or text or both you want on it. You have to choose appropriate content to convey your message through the graphics on your hoodie easily. If you select the theme of a superhero, say Deadpool, you can attach a picture of Deadpool or simply the character’s logo. Both ways, your theme stays intact, and your message is spread. 

Try Unique Content

When you think of customising a hoodie, you need to make sure your design is unique for the hoodie to reach its value. Hoodies with hand-made art on them are amazing, and you can differentiate yourself from other common ones. For example, you can draw a pattern or create a doodle and snap a picture of it. The image can be your hoodie’s design. Also, if you are an artist, you can hand paint on the hoodie to get a unique look. 

Focus on Simplicity

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Going for a simple design is easier to reflect and looks better on a hoodie. Complex and intricate designs can look extra and decrease the beauty and style of the clothing. Always keep in mind to try conveying your message through simple, easy patterns or designs. It is how your ideas and innovations can get their value from the people who see and appreciate them.

Choose a Good Color

When it comes to design, colours play a prominent role. You need to keep in mind two different sets of colors, firstly the colour of the hoodie and then the colour of the design on it. If you choose lighter shades for your hoodie’s colour, you need to choose darker shades for colouring the design. Also, the colour of the clothes you wear detects your personality. 

If you decide on softer shades, it reflects a different image than if you choose bolder ones. Keep in mind the content has to be of contrasting colours as the hoodie.

Think of the Size

While designing a hoodie and putting graphic content on it, you have to keep in mind the size of the content. Printing a design on the hoodie requires you to check the size of the design, with the varieties of dimensions like large, medium, or small. So, before getting the design printed, make sure it looks good and in contrast with the hoodie. 

Final Words

These are some of the essential and quick things to keep in mind while you are designing a hoodie or customizing it. Hopefully, this article will come in handy for those trying to create a custom hoodie.

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