5 Ways to a Firmer, Tighter Décolletage! [Review]

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Gravity can be a cruel, cruel thing and over time skin can start to loosen and sag. One of the first areas that women start to see a change is the chest and décolletage area and while aging is a completely natural process there’s no shame in wanting to slow down the process as best we can. If you’re concerned about keeping the skin around your décolletage area firm and tight, or even want to improve the firmness of the skin in this area then we’ve got a treat for you today! Follow these 5 easy steps to a firmer, tighter, more youthful looking décolletage just in time for bikini season.

Hit the pool

Like we said, bikini season is on its way, so now is the time to put it in the ground work and ensure that you look like a goddess of note in your swim suit this summer. So what’s a girl got to do to get swim suit ready? Swim of course! Swimming helps to tighten chest muscles and the muscles responsible for holding up the breasts and as little as half an hour in the pool on a regular basis can firm up the breasts like nothing else.

Invest in a good bra!

Inner Secrets Lingerie

Don’t waste all your hard work, make sure you invest in proper support for your most precious assets. We recommend heading to a lingerie store that offers a professional fitting services so you know you are wearing the correct bra size. We love Inner Secrets Lingerie – shopping at their stores is like a dream and they keep your measurements on file after your first visit so shopping gets a little bit easier every time you shop with them. Not to mention the fact that the lingerie is wonderfully beautiful! Find them in Claremont, Sea Point, and at the V&A Waterfront.

Get hands on

As weird as it might feel to begin with a little massage in this area can go a long way. Massaging your breasts daily helps rejuvenate sagging skin and plumps up breasts. You will need to massage for at least 5 minutes a day and use a good quality product that will help firm and tighten the skin. We recommend a breast-firming cream designed to enhance your breast size and shape and the skin around your décolletage area.

Try Hammam Argan Breast Serum

Hammam Argan Serum

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A great product to try is Hammam Argan all natural breast serum. This beautifully rich and soft cream has been specifically formulated to target breast tissue and firm the décolletage area. With ingredients like cold-pressed Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, cold-pressed Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Ylang Ylang Oil this luxurious breast serum goes a long way to moisturising your skin and making it feel firmer and look more youthful. The unique ingredient of African Kigelia also helps to promote elasticity of the breast tissue. To use simply massage into the breast area for 2 – 3 minutes at a time. Our editor Crystal used this product and loved the results. She used it twice a day for two weeks and found that the condition of her skin around the décolletage area really improved. “I tend to neglect my chest and décolletage area so using this product was a real treat for my skin, says Crystal. “Using the product for an extended period of time I could really see a difference in the quality of my skin and things felt just a little bit firmer.”

The product will set you back R350 a bottle and is available online from the Hamam Argan website as well as Hashtag Awesome.

Get fit and fab

You might not have muscles in your breasts but, you can make them look perkier by firming up your chest muscles. The quality of your skin is also largely influenced by exercise and diet and a lazy body often has lazy skin. Give your skin and your décolletage the boost it needs by exercising regularly and eating a healthy, balanced diet. And, try your best to keep your weight steady and consistent, regular weight gain and loss can make your breast tissue sag even more.

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