We’ve Been Washing Our Faces Wrong This Whole Time!

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While you might think that you could cleanse your face in your sleep, there’s a lot more to having squeaky clean, healthy-looking skin than just a simple dash of soap and a splash of water. That’s right, just when you thought you had your skin cleansing routine down to a fine art it turns out, we’re here to turn it on its head by uncovering the top 5 mistakes we all make when cleansing our skin. But fear not, we’ve got the tips you need to correct it and start off your day fresh-faced.

1. Wash your face twice a day

We’ve had it drilled it into us – cleanse twice a day, morning and night but did you know that this routine isn’t for everyone? Over-washing can actually lead to irritation of the skin (especially the sensitive skin on your face!) and can strip your skin of much-needed moisture. So what’s a girl to do? If you have dry or very sensitive skin then try only washing your face once a day – at night before you go to bed. Of course, you should always wash your face after a workout to prevent breakouts and if you have oily skin then stick to a morning and night routine.

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2. Save time with two-in-one cleansers

If you wear lots of makeup then a two-in-one makeup removing cleanser might not work for you. In fact, you need to accept that cleansing is a two-step process when wearing makeup and sunscreen. Remove your makeup with a good oil-based makeup remover before cleansing your face as many cleansers, even ones that claim to remove makeup as you wash won’t completely remove concealer, foundation and even sunscreen.

3. Shop according to skin type

Sure, some products are specifically formulated to treat certain skin concerns and while this is great you still need to shop responsibly. No matter your skin type, stick to cleansers without fragrance, which can cause irritation to the skin, and harsh soaps, which can dry out the skin. Do some research on the products you intend to buy before splashing out – just because the bottle says it’s made for your skin type doesn’t mean it will agree with your skin. A good rule of thumb for those with dry skin is to go for formulas with added moisturizers, like glycerine or Shea butter while those with oily skin might want a foaming wash that leaves skin feeling clean and fresh.


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4. Exfoliate regularly for smooth skin

We’re often told to exfoliate twice, maybe even three times a week to leave skin feeling soft and smooth but too much exfoliation can cause inflammation and spell disaster for sensitive skin. In fact, for those with sensitive skin, the simple act of cleansing your skin daily with a wash cloth, and applying very light pressure using circular motions as you go is usually all you need to gently remove most dead-skin cells. If you have oily skin then you can exfoliate your face up to 3 times a week with a harsher scrub. But, if you’re unsure of what’s best for your skin then the trick is to find the type of exfoliator that suits your skin and then adjust your exfoliation routine depending on how your skin looks and feels.

5. Don’t forget to tone!

We all know the basic three-step system; cleanse, tone, and moisturise but how many of us pay attention to the type if toner we are using? You might not know this but different types of toner suit different types of skin. Alcohol-based toners often strip the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and lack-lustre. Not a desirable result! Instead, try a more gentle toner to calm your skin balance pH levels. But, if you’re kicking yourself about not sticking to this second step then fret not because the truth is that with the correct cleanser for your skin, you don’t really need toner (true story!)

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