Innovative Plastic-Free Butterfly Takeaway Coffee Cup Now Available in SA

Butterfly Cup

Single use plastics have become a huge global problem and while there may be many wonderful plastic alternatives, sometimes they’re not the most practical for every day use. Look at the takeaway coffee cup for example; glass alternatives like The Kooshty Kup are great in theory but you can’t always guarantee you’ll have one with you when you’re in the mood for a coffee on-the-go, not to mention the whole messy business of carrying a dirty coffee cup around with you once you’ve had your coffee fix. Luckily there’s an alternative on the way — ButterflyCup! This nifty new plastic-free takeaway cup has just arrived in SA and is gearing up to make your morning takeaway coffee just a little more environmentally friendly.

It’s no secret that the earth’s plastic waste problem is in dire need of a solution and ButterflyCup is one of them. The innovative cup design has tons of benefits for consumers, retailers, and of course, the environment — it’s easy to use, reduces your carbon footprint, and is the first lid-less cup to be created. Globally, takeaway cup lids add over 100 tons of plastic waste per day to the environment, so each lid saved helps to preserve and conserve mother nature.

butterfly cup
But it’s not just about the lids, many takeaway coffee cups are also typically coated in plastic to make them waterproof but ButterflyCup takes nasty plastics out of the equation by using BioPBS as an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, compostable alternative. Made from renewable, resourceful materials such as corn, cassava or sugar cane, the Butterfly Cup leaves absolutely zero impact on the environment and is 100 percent recyclable.

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For more information on ButterflyCup visit the Chilla Beverage Co. website.

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