INOAR Professional Launches New Products!

INOAR South Africa

A short while ago the WomenStuff team attended the INOAR South Africa event launch where we were treated to the inside info on a range of brand new INOAR products. From fabulous moisterising shampoos and treatments to Argan shine sprays they’ve got something for everyone and every hair type. Keep reading to see what products are hitting your favourite hair salons soon!

INOAR Absolut DayMoist:

This ultra-hydrating finisher is a must-try for ladies with dry and damaged hair as it gives hair an intense conditioning and leaves it shiny and healthy. According to INOAR the Absolut DayMoist range is the best way to recover damaged hair and hair elasticity. We love that the products protects hair from heat as well – making it the perfect way to prepare your hair for high temperatures. The range includes the INOAR Absolut DayMoist Shampoo (250ml at R220), INOAR Absolut DayMoist Conditioner (250ml at R220) and the INOAR Absolut DayMoist Mask (250 ml at R350).

The WomenStuff beauty team is currently reviewing the DayMoist Shampoo and DayMoist Conditioner so keep an eye out for a full review soon! 


Inoar Speed Blonde

This new range is being hailed as the yellow eliminator! The products help to hydrate and revitalize the natural hair colour as well as correct hair toning and help to avoid discoloration. INOAR also claims that, unlike a lot of other purple shampoos that dry out your hair, this range provides an intense glow and helps to restore softness. The range includes the INOAR Absolut SPEED BLONDE Shampoo (R250 ml at R220), INOAR Absolut SPEED BLONDE Conditioner (250ml at R220) and the INOAR Absolut SPEED BLONDE Mask (250ml at R350).

The WomenStuff beauty team is currently reviewing the SPEED BLONDE Shampoo and SPEED BLONDE Conditioner so keep an eye out for a full review soon! 

INOAR Argan Hair Spray and INOAR Argan Hair Shine Spray:

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INOAR Argan Spray

INOAR has also released two brand new Argan products that are great for styling and treating hair. The INOAR Argan Hair Spray (R420 for 500ml) is suitable for all types and hydrates while fixing shapes and styles naturally. The new spray allows ladies to create different hair styles throughout the day without the need to wash their hair again, giving you the freedom to wear your hair any way you want. The new INOAR Argan Hair Shine Spray (R400 for 400ml) is also for all hair types and leaves a spectacular shine when applied to the hair. It’s a great product for treating dry and damaged hair and is a must-use before heading out on the town.

The WomenStuff beauty team is currently reviewing the Argan Hair Spray so keep an eye out for a full review soon! 

For more information on the new range say Hi to INOAR South Africa on Facebook or visit the INOAR South Africa website.

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