Introducing Tamaloola, Durban’s New Kid On The Block.


Durban based design duo Tam and Grant Powell – are the new kids shaking up Durban’s design scene with their brand new decor brand, Tamaloola. They have brought out a range of beautifully crafted pot plants that make gardening super cool. The couple are both very creative but were struggling to come up with Christmas gift ideas for loved ones and after brainstorming ideas, Tam came up with the concept to create the exquisite pot plants made out of concrete. And so, Tamaloola was born.


“It was getting close to Christmas, we had a limited budget, and loads of people to buy for; said Tam. “So I started looking online for something creative I was able to make and that would be nice as gifts.” Luckily for her, Grant (her hubby) had studied industrial design at university and is what Tam calls “the muscle” of this operation. Grant helped mix the concrete while they both decided on the perfect moulds for the job. Tam recalls, “We were totally winging it… and it turned out really great! Our family and friends loved them. Cheap, awesome Christmas gift -success!”


But the Powell’s family and friends weren’t the only people who loved them. Tam took to Instagram to show her friends what her and her hubby had been up to and didn’t expect what would follow. “I posted a picture on my personal Instagram because I was so chuffed with how they turned out, and the response was overwhelming! I had loads of family and friends asking if I would make for them and so we decided it might be a good venture to try and see how it goes.”


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As Tamaloola is still in its early phases, they can only be found at a few farmers markets around Durban for now but the dynamic duo are exploring new platforms for getting their pieces out to good-design purveyors in South Africa. If you don’t have time to check out the markets then Durbanites can also contact Tam via Instagram or email to place an order.

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