Get a Grip with the New Invisibobble Power for Thicker Hair! [Review]

Invisibobble power

The secret is out; I am totally butt crazy in love with …. invisibobble!” Discovering invisibobble has pretty much changed my life and I won’t even think about using another hair tie ever again. Gone are the tension headaches from too-tight ponytails and the days of losing countless strands of hair to the daily hair tie battles are over. And, trust me, the cheap knockoffs don’t even hold a candle to the original, I’ve tried them all! And, now as if life couldn’t get any better, the great minds at invisibobble have decided to launch invisibobble POWER – a lifesaver for ladies with thick hair and those who lead super active lives. It’s our choice for this week’s Hero Product of the Week and for good reason!

Offering ultra-strong grip without tugging, breaking or kinking the hair invisibobble POWER is nothing short of brilliant. If you have an original invisibobble hair ring or two and you’ve found that you’re not able to wrap it around your thick mane enough times to get a good hold then you’re going to L.O.V.E, love this new addition to the collection. I’ve been using the original invisibobble rings for a few months now and have always secretly wished that it had just a little more oomph to tame my super thick locks when I was at the gym or on the netball court and luckily for me the beauty gods heard my prayers and delivered.

Invisibobble power

I got the chance to try out the new invisibobble POWER hair rings for myself and I am officially hooked. First things first, it’s important to know that the new invisibobble POWER isn’t just a thicker invisibobble, it’s stronger too. I sometimes found that the original invisibobble would sag a little when I was doing very active things (like running, going to the gym, playing netball, etc) but the new POWER hair ring doesn’t do that at all. It sits tight all workout long. That’s right, invisibobble POWER has more grip than the original invisibobble and will go around even the thickest of hair at least three times – can I get a hallelujah? The incredible grip is all thanks to the coil-like design and ribbed texture, that allow it to grip onto the hair ensuring it does not slide off during wear.

If you’re sick to death of snapping and over-stretching every hair tie in the history of ever then you’ve got to do yourself a favour and invest in these little (big) guys! I cannot tell you how much easier life will be with it – it’s my secret to high ponytails without the headaches and even high, messy buns that are almost impossible to keep up and together. Invisibobble POWER is also the perfect solutions for ladies with braids and weaves who also want to get in on the invisibobble action!

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Invisibobble power
Invisibobble POWER and NANO in action.

But wait, there’s more! I feel like I should also tell you that invisibobble has also launched a new NANO version for ladies who like to play around with plaits and braids and other interesting styles. These teeny tiny hair rings have been designed to help you secure braids, pig tails, and other more intricate styles with ease. These little guys also stay put when you’re out and about and are the perfect solution for ladies who find that other hair ties just don’t keep up with you and your hair styling needs.

The new Invisibobble POWER will set you back R80 for a pack of three and will be available from leading hair salons and online retailers soon. For orders contact or visit the Hair Care Distributers showroom in Woodstock, Cape Town (you can find the address and details here.)

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  • oh my word, i have to get these for my daughter, she has such thick hair, i have to buy new hair bands once a month due to stretching them so much as the weight of her hair makes the hair bands slip out…..hooooorrrraaay….thank you…x

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