Dying for an iPhone? Here’s How to Join the Club Without Breaking the Bank

i2 weFix

So, you need a new iPhone? Whether your old iPhone met its maker after going for an unplanned swim or was rather rudely removed from your person by a sticky-fingered thief, there’s no doubt that you can’t continue on with your work or social life without your precious device in hand. Of course, there’s that nasty little business of a new iPhone being pretty darn expensive to replace, but before you reside yourself to a future with a less expensive, less impressive, entry-level device consider giving a pre-loved iPhone a home. i2 from weFix finds good homes for pre-loved iPhones in perfect working order and is the easiest way to get your next iPhone without breaking the bank.

With i2, weFix believes in second chances by giving pre-loved phones a new lease on life. Think of it as an shelter for re-homing devices that still have a lot of love to give. i2 takes care of the trusty ones, the stashed-in-the-cupboard dusty ones, and even the slightly busted ones.

All the pre-loved iPhones found on the i2 online store were surrendered to weFix when their owners are no longer capable of taking care of them. Each device is given a good sprucing in the weFix device clinic when they arrive, where their bumps, scrapes, and niggles are smoothed, cleaned, and polished until they emerge beautifully reconditioned and ready to begin their next chapter in life.

 i2 weFix

Offering the iPhone 5s (32GB) for as little as R3,799 and the iPhone 5C (16GB) for as little as R2,999 (incl. a 1-year damage protection plan with Click2Sure), i2 pairs deserving iPhones in great working order with cash-strapped customers who still want a taste of the finer things in life. Plus, buying from a reputable pre-loved reseller like i2 also offers you a 1-year warranty on the device should it give you any hassles once you leave the showroom floor – something you want to get from your friend of a friend selling iPhones out the boot of his Ford Escort.

If you’re looking for something a bit beefier, i2 also offers the tried and tested iPhone 6 for R6,499

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If you’re looking to give a pre-loved iPhone a good home, check out i2 here. Or, if you have an old iPhone gathering dust in your desk drawer, why not consider surrendering it (in exchange for cold hard cash) to i2 and use the money to buy yourself a pair of fancy-pants new sneakers or that Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette you’ve had your eye on?

i2 from weFix

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