Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Screen Time for Adults?

All are worried about excessive screen time among kids, but few talk about the negative impact of excessive screen time among adults.

Most jobs involve spending time before computers, and after work, we relax in front of smartphones and televisions. To make matters worse, screen time among adults increased during the pandemic.

We’ve all heard of limiting screen time for our kids. But what about us? Is there really such a thing as too much screen time for adults? And should we cut down on it? Undoubtedly, our lifestyles nowadays rely greatly on technology. Whether work-related tasks such as report writing or leisurely activities like trying your luck with a popular online casino game offering great no deposit bonuses, it’s always good to be mindful in our choices.

Is excessive screen time just as bad for adults as it is for children? Should we worry about spending too much time on our devices?

What is Excessive Screen Time?

How many hours can adults safely spend on their devices? Nobody has recommended a specific number of hours as safe screen time for adults. But there is mounting evidence to show that excessive screen time can destroy your health.

One study revealed that adults who spend six hours or more per day before screens were more prone to depression. The study also found that spending only half an hour per day on social networking sites improves health and happiness.

Excessive Screen Time Has Negative Effects

What happens when you spend too much time with smartphones, computers, and televisions? Excessive screen time has negative effects, and here are some of them:


Screens emit light that forces the brain to remain alert. Excessive screen time throughout the day makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.


Health experts are still trying to discover the negative impacts of smartphone and social media use on the human mind because smartphones and the Internet have been around just for a few decades. However, the latest studies show that people can get addicted to smartphones and social media use.

Those addicted to smartphones spent most of their waking hours thinking about them and desiring to use them. They use social networking apps constantly to improve their mood and experience severe withdrawal symptoms when they cannot use their smartphones.

If excessive smartphone use interferes with your daily life, you have to get help.

Eye Strain and Body Aches:

Smartphone, computer, and TV screens emit bright light that strains the eyes and cause blurry vision when you spend too much time in front of them. Eye strain, in turn, leads to severe headaches.

Spending too much time on your computer or holding a smartphone in your hand and staring at it creates a lot of tension in your back, shoulder, and neck muscles. Retaining these body positions for long hours leads to body aches and pains.

If you continue with the habits that cause the pain, you have to deal with complex musculoskeletal issues.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

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When smartphones and televisions were not around, people spent time visiting friends, playing, working in gardens, and so on. Today, we spend our free time in front of the screen. Reduced physical activity leads to obesity and related health issues.

Cognitive Disorders:

According to a study of 2020, adults addicted to their smartphones had issues with the brain part responsible for cognition.

Reducing Screen Time

If you are serious about reducing screen time, you can start by turning off notifications on your smartphone. This will prevent you from reaching out for your smartphone every time it beeps or pings.

Use timers to limit your screen time. Set the timer for an hour or two, and when it goes off, keep your device aside and perform some physical activity.

Avoid taking your phone inside the bedroom to avoid checking it just before going to sleep or first thing in the morning.



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