Hero Product of the Week: Juliette Armand’s Thavma Facial Rescued My Skin! [Review]


While most facials leave your skin feeling and looking fabulous you can’t always be guaranteed that the results will last for the hours, days, or even weeks following the facial. I won’t lie, there was a short time when I swore off facials altogether – I was sure they were a lot of hogwash and wasn’t convinced that paying someone to do nothing more than massage and cleanse my face was a worthwhile way to spend my time and money. But, it turns out I was looking at it all wrong – the secret to discovering a facial that actually works is all in the products. You can’t go for a facial using mediocre products and expect the world – even if you’re at the most fabulous looking spa with a super talented therapist it’s important to ensure that said spa is using only the best on your skin. Which is why the Juliette Armand SKIN BOOSTERS Thavma Therapy Facial is my hero product of the week – yes, technically it’s not one product but it’s been a while since I’ve had results quite this good from a facial so it deserves an extra nod of approval!

This was my first time using the Juliette Armand range and there’s no doubt that the brand made a stellar first impression. The Greek skincare brand is nothing short of world class and is all about offering clients results-driven products. And, the Juliette Armand SKIN BOOSTERS range does just that. This range of cosmetic products is so effective that women the world over are using it to postpone their appointment with the plastic surgeon. Forget botox, face lifts, wrinkle filling, or liposuction, before you go under the knife you need to explore these products. The SKIN BOOSTERS range is chockful of active ingredients that stimulate the skin and there’s one for every concern. The SKIN BOOSTERS range includes 5 therapy systems including the Apocalypsis Therapy to delay chemical peels, Chronos Therapy to delay wrinkle filling, Opsis Therapy to delay upper eyelid surgery, Schema Therapy to delay liposuction, and the Thavma Therapy to delay the need for botox.

Skin Boosters Thavma Facial

I got the chance to visit Legs eleven in Green Point, Cape Town to experience the Thava Therapy facial and was blown away by the results. Legs eleven launched Juliet Armand’s break-through skin booster anti-surgery therapy fairly recently in order to offer their clients an innovative wrinkle solution without the use of needles or surgical intervention. Because, let’s be honest, while anti-wrinkle injections such as BotoxRX have been used successfully for years to erase expression lines and wrinkles it certainly isn’t cheap and sitting down in a doctor’s chair for injections isn’t quite my cup of tea. Also, whilst they are very effective when it comes to paralysing the underlying muscles to prevent the formation of fine lines, anti-wrinkle injections don’t treat the overlying skin.

I’ve just turned 30 so I’ve started to become more aware of the fact that I need to start an anti-aging regime quite soon. While I only have a few tiny lines coming through I do want to ensure that these wrinkles form a lot slower than they would if I left them to their own devices. Which is where the Thavma facial comes into play. This anti-wrinkle therapy treatment utilises cutting-edge patented EFFECTOX TM technology to help inhibit the formation of expression lines and wrinkles by teaching your facial muscles to have fewer contractions. So, unlike anti-wrinkle injections that freeze the muscle, Thavma essentially slows down facial muscle contractions. But what about the lines that are already there? The advanced therapy also helps to smooth out your existing fine lines and offers added protection against biological ageing due to time and photo ageing due to sun damage.

Skin Boosters Thavma Facial
The full range of products used during my treatment.

But it’s not all about the wrinkles, this miracle treatment also does loads more for your skin! Other perks of the treatment include lightening uneven skin tone, providing deep hydration to the skin and stimulating cell renewal, to improve the overall quality of your skin. My skin felt super hydrated after the facial and even helped to treat a reaction I was having on my chin and lower cheek. I went into the treatment with loads of redness and irritation on my skin and left with beautifully clear skin. My skin wasn’t gelling well with the start of winter and the Juliette Armand Thavma facial completely rescued it by injecting loads of moisture and soothing the irritation on the skin.

The one-hour facial includes a four-step process and starts with a mild glycolic and salicylic acid peel to help stimulate cell renewal and aid deeper penetration of the other active ingredients. From there it’s time for the face mask (my favourite part of the treatment!) which sees the therapist apply an upper face mask to the forehead and eye contour area for hydrating and plumping and a lower mask from the nose to the jawline for firming and lifting. I loved this step as it helped to target and treat separate concerns of each half of my face – genius!

Skin Boosters Thavma Facial
Everything we needed for the Thavma Therapy Facial was in this kit!

From there it’s time to apply the Thavma serum – and this is where the real magic starts! The serum helps to deliver the EFFECTOX TM deep into the skin and also results in a firming effect so you leave with firmer, brighter, and younger-looking skin. The facial ends with the moisturising step. Chronos wrinkle filler is first applied locally to fine lines and wrinkles (think forehead lines and crows feet) to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and then the Thavma Lift Anti- Wrinkle Cream is applied to moisturise and tighten the skin and leave it with a beautiful glow.

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My skin felt and looked amazing for weeks after this treatment and I would highly recommend it as a monthly treat for your skin. The treatment is recommended for anyone who wants to treat expression lines, and wrinkles as well as photo-ageing and loss of elasticity or sagging skin. Legs eleven recommends that clients sign up for a course of 6 treatments that can be performed from once a week up to once a month. My therapist recommended that I go once a month but this can differ from client to client. Keep in mind that for best results you should probably also combine your treatment with the Thavma lift anti-wrinkle cream and serum at home.

Skin Boosters Thavma Facial

The Juliette Armand SKIN BOOSTERS Thavma Therapy Facial will set you back R980 at Legs eleven spa. They are currently running a R100 off special on these facials so if you want to treat yourself now is the time! They also offer special deals for clients who purchase a course of facials. To book your Juliet Armand skin boosters treatment contact Legs eleven on 0861 324 752 – you can also pop in for free consultation to find out more about the innovative therapy.

For more information on Juliette Armand and the SKIN BOOSTERS Thavma Therapy Facial visit the Poise Brands website or say Hi to Juliette Armand SA on Facebook. and for more information on Legs eleven visit their website.

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