How Just Browzing Transformed My Eyebrows [Review]

Just Browzing

Last week I focused on the importance of wearing the correct bra size for your body and introduced you to the super amazing Bra Guru well today I’m focusing on another part of the body that is too often neglected. That’s right, I’m talking about your eyebrows! You didn’t see that one coming did you? If you haven’t already heard the spiel about how your eyebrows frame your face and how your eyes are the window to the sole then firstly, I’d like to know which rock you’ve been living under and secondly, I’d like you to keep reading and get ready to be schooled! Today I invite you to follow me on my journey of discovery and find out more about how Just Browzing completely transformed my eyebrows into a thing of beauty!

Just Browzing offers a unique take on eyebrow shaping and is the brain child of well-known make-up artist Michelle De Lima. Michelle had her make-up clients begging her to shape their brows in-between their make-up sessions and realised that there was a huge market for professional brow shaping in Joburg. So, after 10 years in the beauty business Michelle decided to focus her efforts on brow shaping. Today Michelle and her team operate from their beautiful studio in Parkmore, Johannesburg where they offer the most incredible brow shaping services as well as make-up lessons for ladies wanting to learn the tricks of the trade. I’ll have more on the make-up lesson at a later stage (I reviewed that too!) but today I want to focus on the brows!

Just Browzing

My eyebrows and I first met Michelle over a year ago when I went to her with my incredibly thin, oddly shaped and super light eyebrows. I’ve always had a hate-hate relationship with my eyebrows and my favourite thing about them has always been that they tend to grow out completely blonde on one end, making it look like I shaved off half my eyebrows by mistake. But as much as my eyebrows have tried their best to embarrass me I have finally found someone who will help me fight the good fight and ensure I don’t leave the house looking like I lost a bet.

Over the past year Michelle has crafted my eyebrows into the most incredible shape and given me the eyebrows I never dreamed I could have. Session by session she worked with me to carefully pluck and shape my brows and now a year later I don’t know what I would do without her. No seriously; the woman needs to insure her hands because she is the ultimate brow guru. I also refuse to let anyone else near my brows for fear that they will undo all Michelle’s hard work.

But the story doesn’t end there! Just Browzing has become so popular that Michelle has been able to expand her team and start training others to be as amazing at brow shaping as she is. Perhaps the best thing about visiting Just Browzing is that is is pretty much pain free. I know, I know everyone says THEIR hair removal system is pain-free but with Just Browzing it really, really is. Just Browzing specialises in brow shaping with tweezers – yes, that’s right no wax, no threading just good old fashioned tweezers. The team believes that tweezers are kinder to the skin and allow you to be more precise and I’m with them all the way. You hardly feel a thing when a Just Browzing lass is working on you and trust me, coming from the biggest baby in the world (that’s me) that means a heck of a lot.

Just Browzing

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I also love that the team sees each pair of eyebrows and each client as a mini project. Sure, the team can expertly sculpt your eyebrows to accentuate your natural shape in one session but the key is to keep going back month after month so they can reveal the true beauty of your natural brow shape. Some ladies will need to grow out certain spots of their eyebrows in order to recover from a previous bad waxing or threading job while others might just need a monthly shape. My brows were a serious work in progress and each time I visited I fell in love with my new shape more and more. The team will also dye and darken your brows where needed and show you how to correctly fill in your brows using powders and pencils.

Just Browzing offers a range of different brow shaping sessions including the 45 minute ‘Brow Whisperer’ (your first consultation, solution & shaping – R280 ) which is perfect for your first visit; the 30 minute ‘Just Brow Revival’ (a ladies maintenance visit – R220) which takes place after 3-5 week eyebrow regrowth; and the ‘Brow Dilemma Package’ which is perfect for ladies with over tweezing disorder as you get R120 off when booking 6 sessions in advance (R1200 for 6 shapings).

For more information on brow shaping visit the Just Browzing website and say Hi to Just Browzing on Facebook.

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