Ladies, Ghd Curve is Going to Change Your Life! [Review]

ghd curve

For all those girls who have ever tried to curl their hair with a flat iron and failed (I know I have) your savior has arrived! I got my first ghd flat iron way back in 2009 and have been a loyal fan-girl of the brand ever since. Being blessed with a head of crazy curly hair that flat iron literally changed my life and to this day I think of ghd as the big sister who pulled me out of my awkward teenage phase and turned me into a fabulous butterfly with sleek and shiny locks. I know a lot of my female friends feel the same way and most of us learned to style our hair with ghd by our side. Now ghd is gearing up to change your life in a whole new way with the launch of ghd Curve – a curling range with a tool for every type of girl. Here’s why I am head over heels in love with my new ghd Curve!

The new ghd Curve range offers women a range of four unique curling tools including the the ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong, ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong, ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand and ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand. Each curling tool is unique in its own way and can be used to create everything from sexy voluminous waves to pretty 50s-style curls. Buy the wand that suits your style and you will never look back. The Classic Curl Tong with a medium-szied barrel allows you to create classic curls with ease, the Soft Curl Tong has a larger barrel and allows you to create soft tumbling waves with lots and lots volume at the roots (think Kim K volume!), the Creative Curl Wand has a tapered barrel to allow you to create natural looking curls and covetable beach waves and the Classic Wave Wand has a large, oval shaped barrel to allow to create defined waves with lots of movement.

ghd curve

I tried out the Classic Curl Wand and absolutely loved it. Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Ummm but you said you have curly hair, why do you need a curling wand?” The truth is I love curly hair but I don’t particularly like my my natural style of curl. The curls are too tight and I prefer sleek waves with lots of movement. I also don’t like the fabulous frizz my natural curly hair has so when I want to wear my hair curly I much prefer to flat iron it first and then curl it. Crazy I know but the struggle is real for ladies with curly hair. The bottom line is that the ghd Curve range can be used by anyone and everyone and on any type of hair (even weaves!) – whether your hair is poker straight or has curliness already. It’s important to choose the curling tool that works for you and gives you the result you want.

ghd curve wand

I chose the Classic Wand because it’s crazy easy to use – you just wrap your hair around it and voila waves for days! The wand comes with a heat protection glove which is great for those stages when you’re wrapping your head around the tool and learning how not to burn yourself. The Classic Wand also has a cool tip where you can hold the hair in place without burning yourself so if you feel you can manage without the glove then more power to you. As I said, using the wand is super easy. All you need to do is spray some curl hold spray (I used the ghd Curl Hold spray because it has a built-in heat protector as well- R195) onto the hair before styling and then take small or larger sections of the hair (depending on the look you want to create) and wrap the around the wand one at a time. Piece by piece your hair will transform right in front of your eyes.

ghd curve

If you struggle to get your curls to hold then make sure you let them set for a few minutes first (curl your hair, get dressed, put on your make up) and then go back and ‘dress out’ your curls. This is a super important step as it really seals your look. You can dress your hair out in different ways to create different looks – use your finger tips to create a textured beach wave and a paddle brush for a soft and glamorous look. If you find you still struggle to keep your curls intact then make sure you up your prep game – use professional shampoo when washing your hair, apply professional stylish product BEFORE you start styling not after and make sure you give the curl time to set while using the tool (hold the curl in place for 5 – 10 seconds) and then allow them to cool down before dressing out.

ghd curve

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The new ghd Curve range also boast some pretty impressive technology setting it apart from the competition. The tongs and wands all have the ghd tri-zone™ ceramic technology that allows you to create healthy-looking curls that last and last. The tools are also set at the right curling temperature of 185°C (which means you can’t accidentally snap your hair off using the tools!) and the heat is maintained at a constant and even level throughout the wands thanks to the six quick-thinking sensors in the tri-zone™ barrel. The Classic Wand also has a built-in safety stand that allows you to place the wand down securely during styling and a super long, professional-length cord that allows you to move around with ease. For safety purposes the tools also have a 30-minute automatic sleep mode that turns the styler off when not in use – no more worrying about whether or not your turned your styler off before you left the house!

ghd curve

The ghd curve range is truly unique and stands out from the crowd in a big way. If like me, you want to be able to create fabulous styles with absolutely no know-how at all then you need to invest in a ghd curve. I am beyond clueless when it comes to curling my hair with anything other than my ghd Curve Classic Wand. The tools are also great for ladies who struggle to keep their curl – the tools create curls that last and if you use the right products your hair will still be curly hours and hours later. If you’re not sure which tool to get then chat to your stylist about which ghd Curve is right for you or watch the handy ghd Curve how-to videos on the ghd website and figure out which tool is for you.

ghd Curve is available from leading salons as well as online from the ghd South Africa online shop at R 1 899 each. Say Hi to ghd South Africa on Facebook for special offers and info on the new ghd Curve range.

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