Stay Bronzed All Year Long with Ibiza Beach Goddess Bronzing Dry Oil [Review]

LCN Bronzing dry oil

Let’s be frank; self-tanner isn’t for everyone – in fact it’s quite a touchy subject for some. Sometimes you’re too brown, sometimes too orange and sometimes you’re so streaky you have to (rather embarrassingly) wear long-sleeved shirts and pants in the scorching summer heat (yes, I do speak from experience). Luckily there is an alternative to having orange hands and badly streaked legs, I present to you LCN’s Ibiza Beach Goddess Bronzing Dry Oil. No, it is not a self-tanner but rather adds a little summin’ to your natural glow. I personally find this the best fool-proof solution to staying bronzed all year round.

If you’re anything like me, I am slightly obsessed with maintaining my summer glow even in the winter months. This luscious dry oil spray will leave you sun-less(ly)sun-kissed so say goodbye to orange palms and hello to a fabulous all year round glow! I love a good glow, don’t get me wrong but skin damage and premature aging are something I’ll gladly skip. With this little magic formula you can look bronzed without the sun or streaky application, making faking a bronzed look easy.

I love the LCN Ibiza Beach Goddess Bronzing Dry Oil because it gives a lovely natural glow with an added bronze shimmer. This oil is super nourishing although it felt a tad oily at first, it absorbed into the skin within a minute or so (pretty nifty). This oil released an inner glow too, I have to admit I felt quite sexy with this on picturing myself sipping on margaritas in Ibiza with my bronzed skin to match (even though I’m sitting in pajamas writing this). But wait, there’s more! Perhaps the best thing about this dry oil is that it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin types too (Yippee!)

The after effect on the skin is so glittery and gorgeous. I got slightly carried away in a film of gold shimmer, which I adore. The initial spritz is quite a subtle tint so you can definitely build on it depending on how natural of a look you desire. Each spray releases a gorgeous scent of macadamia, camellia and pomegranate making the skin smell absolutely beautiful. With this product gone are the days of using bronzing oil that makes you look orange like an Oompa Loompa or too brown, so you look muddy or dirty. The days have arrived where you can enjoy an extra healthy and natural glow, the perfect product for when you want your skin to glisten.

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LCN Ibiza Beach Goddess Bronzing Dry Oil is available from professional salons and spa at R760 for a 100ml bottle. 

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