Legacy Lifestyle Backs Miles for a Million Riders to Raise R1.5 Million for Charity!

Miles for a Million cyclists

Charity work is an incredibly vital aspect of producing social impact, so the more projects and initiatives are started and supported the better.

Legacy Lifestyle, who offer the best premium rewards program available, teamed up with the Miles for a Million organisation to raise an absolutely staggering R1.5 million for the Good Morning Angels over at Jacaranda 94.2 radio station.

An avid cyclist, Hendrik Steytler, was a frequent listener of Jacaranda and was aware of the fantastic work the Good Morning Angels team does to positively impact the lives of those in need. He devised a plan to coordinate with the Good Morning Angels and begin a charity drive (or ride, in this case) that hadn’t been seen before: Him, along with his two teammates, Ivor Potgieter and Deon Brink, would cycle from Cape Town back up to Gauteng to raise awareness for their cause and collect as much as they possibly could for the Good Morning Angels to use to continue their good work.

Miles for a Million cyclists

It was after this impulse to help those in need that the Miles for a Million tour started with this cycling trifecta and their incredibly planned journey of cycling more than 1,700km – and judging by immense support – the public response was as exceptional as the feat they achieved; they ended up raising over R 1,000,000 in just eleven days – an absolutely astounding achievement.

The team did the cycling – but they had a brilliant support network in Legacy Lifestyle that supported them in every possible way to make sure that their journey could be achieved. From the outset, they had Legacy Lifestyle’s backing and after their journey was complete, they stayed at The Michelangelo Hotel, a Legacy Lifestyle partner, and enjoyed some well-deserved rest and also met with the Legacy Lifestyle CEO Bart Dorrestein; pictured below:

The Miles for a Million feat is a perfect example of the good that can come from an individual’s inspiration to positively impact their community, and companies like Legacy Lifestyle provide a huge helping hand in generating that immense change.

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Miles for a Million cyclists

Legacy Lifestyle provides its members with a fantastic rewards program that makes their members’ Rands go further – but it’s great to see that their dedication to charity work is as impressive as their attempt to provide value for their customers. If you’re interested in participating in the premier rewards program, then join the thousands of South Africans already enjoying all the benefits.

If you’re interested in seeing a chronicle of the Miles for a Million cyclists’ journey, head over to their Facebook page and give them the warm support they deserve after completing this incredible achievement!


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