Lush Launches the World’s First Packaging-Free Cosmetics Store

Packaging-free store

Let’s face it; packaging, especially plastic packaging, is a scourge on our planet. But beauty brand Lush is trying to make things just a little bit better with a push towards packaging-free products that are not only effective and super kind to your skin but a little kinder to the planet too. The Lush naked products are nothing new and fans of the brand will know that Lush stores have been stocking all sorts of packaging-free products like shampoo, face wash, and body lotion bars for quite some time now but now, in a moment of pure brilliance Lush has taken the ‘naked’ revolution one step further with the launch of the the world’s first ever packaging-free cosmetics store, The Lush Naked Shop, in Milan, Italy!

The Lush Naked Shop offers consumers hundreds of innovating, packaging-free alternatives to your typical cosmetics in line with the brand’s focus on conserving, preserving and saving the environment. It’s no secret that plastic waste does vast damage to the planet but ditching plastic — especially in the global cosmetics industry — is particularly difficult if there are few alternative options. That’s where Lush comes in!

 Lush Naked Shop
Providing effective, environmentally-friendly solutions that are good for your skin, the Lush Naked Shop stocks all your favourite cosmetics from hair care and skincare to bath bombs, shower gels and everything in between, totally package-free! You’ll find old favourites like solid deodorant and facial cleansers as well as unique new concepts like the naked shower gel.

Shopped till you’ve dropped and have nothing to carry your goodies home in? The store offers a selection of cool, colourful Knot Wraps ensuring your products get home safely. There’s even a Knot Wrap made from recycled plastic bottles! What’s more, if you’re concerned about what’s going into your favourite product,  the Lush Lens AI product recognition tool allows you to scan a product, and its information will be sent to your smartphone, eliminating the need for any kind of packaging. You can also browse the plastic-free library and check out screenings and films about zero-waste lifestyles and ocean plastics on the first floor of the shop – the aim is to educate consumers about pollution while offering a solution!

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Keen to ditch the plastic? While it may be a while still until South Africa gets its own Lush Naked Shop, don’t forget you can pop into your nearest Lush store, or shop online, and purchase all sorts of packaging-free beauty products. Check out the full Lush South Africa range here and start shopping now.

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