Medical Advice is Always On Call with the Hello Doctor App

There’s a new app in town that aims to change the way people manage their health. Hello Doctor enables users to talk to a doctor via the easy-to-use smartphone app and is the perfect option for people on-the-go. Not only does the app allow for immediate access to a GP 24/7, it is also customisable, accessible and administered by a network of trustworthy doctors.

Users have the opportunity to discuss all health-related queries with a registered medical professional. The feature, Talk to a Doctor, allows direct 24/7 telephonic access to a doctor and there is also an option to Text a Doctor, enabling you to discuss health matters on a confidential one-on-one basis.

Additional features include Health Tips, which give users snippets of daily advice and health coaching to help you take charge of your lifestyle, and a Symptom Checker, which helps you determine a condition based on the symptoms you are experiencing.

You can download the app and receive the full benefits at a cost of R55 per month. For those not sure if they’re ready to subscribe just yet there is a 7-day free trial, with the ability to cancel your subscription at any point.

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For more information visit the Hello Doctor website.

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