The Easiest Way to Get Soft, Silky Feet at Home! [Review]

Milk Solutions Heel Peel

Doing your own nails at home can save you a pretty penny and is the perfect solution for busy lasses who can’t find the time to make it to the salon. Of course, one of the benefits of going to a salon is that they have all those fancy-pants professional salon products that leave your hands and feet looking and feeling healthy. I’ve always struggled to find home-use products to match up to the awesomeness of salon exclusive products, but I think I may have finally cracked it! Local beauty brand, Milk Solutions started off making salon exclusive products but now also offers a range of professional grade manicure, pedicure and body products to help you bring a professional edge to your home spa (otherwise known as your couch or bathroom).

The Milk Solutions online store offers a wide range of products to South Africans who want high-quality beauty products delivered straight to their door. With three ranges available (Fruit range, Milk & Honey range and the Natural range), all with their own unique products and smells, there’s a Milk Solutions product for every concern. Browse the full range online and make your own diagnosis or use their handy online ‘Symptom Checker’ tool to find the products that will work for you. I personally love the Natural range because it’s paraben free and smells heavenly.

Foot and Hand MaskI got the chance to try two products from the Milk Solutions range including the Heel Peel Kit (R330) and the Refreshing Hand & Foot Mask (R230) and found that they really helped me take my at-home spa game to a whole new level. My favourite product out of the two was most definitely the Heel Peel. This stuff works like a bomb and helps to treat dry skin and calluses. I play a lot of netball so my feet take a real beating on a weekly basis and the Milk Solutions Heel Peel left my feet feeling baby soft. The product causes dry skin to dehydrate further so it can be removed super easily in 10 minutes flat.

The Refreshing Hand & Foot Mask is great for tired hands and feet. The minty mask helps to nourish dry hands and feet and leaves them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you spend loads of time on your feet at work then this stuff will be a lifesaver for you. After just 15 minutes with this stuff on your feet, you will feel like a brand new woman. I also found that both products have lasted me ages – the Hand & Foot mask tub is quite large and you only use a thin layer of each product each time and the Heel Peel also only requires a small amount from the bottle to cover both feet.

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If those two products don’t catch your fancy then their exfoliating sugar scrubs, body masks, foam baths, nail and cuticle treatments, and foot soaks certainly will! Visit the Milk Solutions website now to check out the full range.

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