Get Silky Soft Hands with New Milk Solutions Moisturising Gloves! [Review]

Milk Solutions Moisturising Gloves

I’ve been a huge fan of Milk Solutions for some time now and I always have their products on hand for my at-home pamper sessions. The professional South African beauty brand is well known for their mani-pedi treatments and products which target problem areas on the hands, feet, and nails whilst still offering clients pampering like no other. And now, the much-loved brand is back with yet another exciting, innovative product for you to try at your favourite beauty salon. The Milk Solutions Moisturising Gloves and Softening Socks are the first of their kind in South Africa and can be used both in-salon to enhance treatments and provide deep nourishment for the skin of the hands and feet, and as all-in-one, on-the-go, waterless mani and pedi treatments for mobile technicians. I got the chance to try out the Moisturising Gloves recently and absolutely adored them!

Each pair of disposable slip-on gloves or socks is lined with a combination of vegetable actives, urea and vitamin E to leave your hands feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. The idea behind this clever little treatment add-on is that when worn for 10-15 minutes on the hands or feet, the skin is left deeply nourished, moisturised, smooth and silky soft. They’re perfect for express manis and pedis, when you don’t have the time to sit back and relax for a full hour, as they get the job done in a quarter of the time! Of course, they would also be the perfect add-on after a hand or foot massage, so make sure you ask for it the next time you visit the salon for some pampering!

Milk Solutions Moisturising Gloves

I was amazed at how quickly the Moisturising Gloves worked their magic on my hands. After a quick 15 minutes, followed by a luxurious massage to soak up the excess ingredients, my hands felt baby soft again. The gloves are chockfull of product that your skin will lap up in no time at all and I loved being able to still use my hands for other things while the product was hard at work. To use them simply exfoliate the hands and then apply the Moisturising Gloves for 15 minutes before removing and massaging the residue until absorbed. The results are simply marvellous and after such great success with the gloves I’m now super excited to try the socks on my feet! 

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The Moisturising Gloves and Softening Socks are new additions to the Milk Solutions Professional range, which also includes: Professional Cuticle Remover, Professional Heel Peel, and Professional Foot Files. Milk Solutions premiere manicure and pedicure products are available at a wide range of nail bars and skincare centres nationwide – click here for stockist info. 

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