Is Moroccanoil’s Dry Shampoo the Best Dry Shampoo on the Market? [Review]

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

Can we all just admit that dry shampoo is the best thing in the history of ever? I was practically addicted to the stuff when I was a student and now that I am a full blown adult (apparently) the obsession still lives on. Any girl with long hair will relate to the fact that washing your hair can be a time-consuming business. When I wash my hair I have to dedicate an entire evening to the process, lest I want to wake up with an out-of-control mop the next morning. I’ve always wanted to be that girl who could wash, dry, and go in under an hour but alas having thick, curly hair doesn’t allow for such luxuries. But it’s not all doom and gloom for me, my hair tends to be on the dry side which also means I can get away with only washing my hair twice a week (rejoice!) But I can’t take all the credit for this brilliance, many thanks also has to go to the many, many … many bottles of dry shampoo that have sacrificed their lives so that I could extend the time in-between washes. Dry shampoo I salute you!

Of course, all this dry shampoo use has led me to become somewhat of an expert on the dry shampoo front, you name the brand, I’ve probably tried. So what’s the best of the best – what’s the best dry shampoo on the market in South Africa? I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say that Moroccanoil’s new dry shampoo is right up there with the very best of the best. Here’s why this genius product gets my nod for our Hero Product of the Week!

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

With a dry shampoo for both light and dark tones, the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo is every brunette’s dream come true. Yes, other brands have tinted dry shampoos as well but trust me, they are not as good as the Moroccanoil Dark Tones dry shampoo. I find that other tinted dry shampoos still leave a little bit of colour residue on your hair and sometimes there’s no getting away from those little white flakes that exist only to reveal your dry shampoo addiction to the world. The Moroccanoil Dark Tones dry shampoo did wonders for my hair and I love how the colour blends so seamlessly with my brunette locks. The dry shampoo works to absorb grease from the roots, while adding a hint of volume, and a beautiful smell to the hair. I absolutely adore the smell of the product, a combination of musk and orange blossom, and it works wonders when you’re trying to disguise the smell of cigarette or braai smoke from your hair.

The dark formula also helps make black and brown hair colour look richer and word on the street from my blonde-haired guinea pig is that the Light Tones version for blondes helps to brighten blonde roots and mask the need for touch ups. But, no matter what tone you go for the thing that really stood out for me about this dry shampoo is how fine the powder and colour pigment is. The dry shampoo powder is so fine that you can seem to see it on the hair at all – you spray it on and like magic, poof it disappears, leaving behind beautifully soft, refreshed hair.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

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Just make sure you apply it correctly and apply to the roots throughout your hair – you can do this by sectioning the hair and spraying onto the roots, letting it settle for a bit and then combing the product through. This will ensure that the dry shampoo is distributed evenly and is able to really soak up grease where you need it most. And, unlike many other dry shampoos on the market, the Moroccanoil version also helps to nourish the scalp and put some much-needed moisture back into the hair without making it greasy. The UV-protecting, argan oil-infused formula breaks down instantly, leaving no dull residue on the hair and no stickiness or crusty feeling.

So, it comes as no secret that I am a MASSIVE fan of this hero product but I will admit there is one teeny tiny thing wrong with it – it works beautifully but it comes at a bit of a hefty price. At R395 a bottle it’s not exactly the cheapest product on the market but for those who value products that really deliver results, I must admit it is worth the splurge. If you’re the kind of girl who loves professional products that give you what you pay for then you one hundred percent needs this product in your life. If you’re more of a drug store budget product kind of girl who uses loads of product on your hair every day then you probably won’t be convinced to spend 400 bucks on a dry shampoo. The product works for me because I only use it twice a week in-between washes and so it’s lasted me over a month and a half now with loads more product left to enjoy.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo is available online from Retail Box as well as from leading hair salons across South Africa. Retail Box is currently running a special on a Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo and Moroccanoil Oil Treatment (25ml) double pack for R395 – click here to buy it now. For more information say Hi to Moroccanoil on Facebook.

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