Rehydrate Dry, Frizzy Hair with the NAK Aromas Smooth Range! [Review]

NAK Aromas

Let’s be honest, taming dry frizzy hair can be a serious pain in the behind. And, the worst is when your hair plays mind games with you (I know it’s not just me!) One minute it’s as smooth as the day is long, so you leave the house feeling super confident that your hair is on point, but then, two hours later you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror only to realise that your hair has started a revolt and reverted back to its frizzy ways. It’s a constant battle and finding a product that really gets to the source of the problem to improve the health of your dehydrated locks can be a challenge of note. Luckily for those lasses with dry hair I’ve found a solution and it’s all thanks to a fabulous brand from down under. Here’s the low-down on the NAK Aromas Smooth range and why your hair will absolutely love it!

If you’ve never heard of NAK before that’s because the Australian brand is very new to South Africa. I got the chance to check out the brand a little more when I to attended the launch of the NAK Aromas launch a little while back and I must admit I fell in love with the brand and the Aromas range almost instantly. The great thing about NAK is that their products are perfectly suited to the South African environment. The brand was inspired by the Australian lifestyle and influenced by their sun-drenched environment, which is, of course, very similar to ours here in sunny SA. In addition to that the products are also all paraben and sulphate free and instead offer a gentle cleansing solution that is kinder to the skin and less likely to cause skin irritations. This is great news for people with a sensitive scalp who need something that will still thoroughly cleans the hair and scalp without stripping away the natural oils and other good stuff.

NAK Aromas

As for the Aromas range, well, it’s simply fabulous. The packaging is super cool and trendy and the products smell beyond divine (they’re like perfume for your hair!) The products in the range contain an exquisite blend of essential oils (such as lavender and geranium) as well as argan oil and Almond milk to offer clients immediate shine and long-lasting softness. I also love that the range pretty much offers something for every type of hair concern and South Africans can choose from four different products in the range including Aromas Colour (for colour-treated hair), Aromas Blonde (for chemically lightened hair), Aromas Curl (for curly locks that need a boost), and Aromas Smooth. Even though I have curly hair I tend to wear it straight more often so, I decided to go for the Smooth range. My stylist at Style Bar explained that my dry, frizzy locks would definitely benefit most from this range and boy was he right!

The delicious blend of strengthening proteins, herbs and botanicals in the Aromas Smooth range bathe your hair with moisture rich nutrients, leaving it as soft as a baby’s bottom and looking like a million bucks. I tried out the Aromas Smooth products in salon the first time around and have been using the shampoo and conditioner at home for the past few weeks and I am truly loving it. My hair feels beautifully soft after every wash and I love how the products continuously manage to tame my dry, frizzy hair. Of course, as with any great product, the more you use the products the better your results will be so the trick is to use it over an extended period of time to really let the active ingredients improve the condition of your hair from the inside out.

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NAK Aromas

I tested the NAK Aromas Smooth Shampoo and NAK Aromas Smooth Conditioner but the range also offers a Straightening Cream (R320) for extra shine and frizz-free styling. The range is available from Style Bar hair salons as well as online from Retail Box with the Aromas Smooth Shampoo and Aromas Smooth Conditioner both setting you back R320 for a 275ml bottle. The great thing about these products is that they are super thick and luxurious so you only need a tiny amount each time you use it. I’ve been using mine since the beginning of July and I still have loads of product left!

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