Netflix Shows to Watch in 2019

Stranger Things

The popularity of projects coming from independent studios and streaming service like Netflix and Amazon Prime is only growing, and 2019 has a few thing new seasons from returning favourites as well as new projects to look forward to. We’re going to have a look at some of the releases that deserve the most hype!


Release date: 4 July 2019

Stranger Things became a smash-hit almost as soon as its first season was released, and for good reason. The writing and character developments are impressive, whether it’s regarding the main group of friends or the supporting cast. Add the fact that the 80s setting struck all the right nostalgia chords to create a sensation. The third season picks up a little while after the events of the second, where the gang have to face yet another supernatural threat with higher stakes than ever.


Release date: Available now


We’ve seen a few instances of fans using the power of social media to influence creative decisions that studios make in the recent past, and the continued existence of the Luciferseries has its fans to thank for it. Fox used to air the highly popular and devilish show, but after three seasons, Fox decided to can it, much to the dismay of its established fanbase. In fact, their dismay and insistence on the series continuing was so strong that Netflix thought it was worth the risk to take on the series themselves. So, Lucifer fans, 2019 will see the fourth season migrate from traditional TV and into the streaming world.


Release date: Available now

It sounds like the title of a novel featuring Hunter S. Thompson, but this dramatised roller-coaster is one in a growing number of Netflix’s really well conceived and produced documentaries. It follows a few industrious individuals who’ve heard the rumour that buried somewhere on a Caribbean island is a treasure trove of cocaine that’ll fetch a small fortune… if anyone can manage to find it, that is. Go on this treasure-hunt-meets-Narcos ride and find out if X really does mark the spot.


Release date: Available now

Whether it’s video games, series, or movies it doesn’t look like the zombie apocalypse fad is going anywhere any time soon. Black Summer is set in the same universe as the World War Zmovie, but this time, the protagonist is a woman named Rose who has been separated from her daughter in the early period of a zombie apocalypse. She has to band together with a few strangers who are also searching for their loved ones, but if the trailer is anything to go by, then the zombies aren’t the only threats to look out for.


The Witcher

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Release date: December 2019 (TBC)

Video game fans know only too well how bad the video game movie curse is, so we’ll need to hope that The Witcher series can imitate the same quality of its gaming namesake. Current Superman actor Henry Cavill has taken on the role of the mysterious traveler Geralt of Rivia, who is a ‘witcher’, an individual who develops super natural abilities in order to hunt monsters that roam the fictional continent they inhabit. We have yet to get a trailer, but given the scope of the video games and how big a franchise this is, it’s probably safe to expect something remarkable.


Release date: August 2019

The crime and investigation genre is one of television’s strangest quirks; you’d think stories about macabre murders and serial killers would deter people, but in reality, it’s like a car crash that most of us can’t help but keep our eyes locked onto. David Fincher, thriller director extraordinaire, explores the inception of criminal profiling at the FBI in the early 70s, using instances of real-life serial killers to showcase how law enforcement had to innovate to try and catch the worst of the worst.

Which upcoming Netflix shows are on your radar? Let us know!

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