Netflix’s Hilarious New Baking Show “Nailed It” Celebrates Baking Fails [Watch]

Nailed IT

We’re all familiar with those cookie-cutter baking shows where a skilled team of experts bakes seemingly impossible cakes for a list of well-heeled clientele. Or, even more popularly, cooking and baking series that pit aspiring chefs or bakers against each other in tests of skills and knowledge.

Well, Netflix has swung the pendulum rather enthusiastically in the other direction: a baking series that follows the abject failures of the contestants in hilarious fashion. Check out the snippet below to get a feeling for this new series to be hosted by Nicole Byer:

Like with most of these shows, there’s a prize for the contestant that gets closest to the objective – but instead of shying away from horrendous flops, this series is going to use them to get some serious laughs out of the audience.

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If you need a new reality show and want some laughs along the way, this one might be for you!

Check out the full trailer below:

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