New ‘Emergency Taxi’ App to Rival Uber & Taxify in SA

Emergency Taxi 

The rollout of apps like Uber and Taxify hasn’t been smooth sailing everywhere they’ve been launched, especially markets with entrenched metered taxi services. In fact, in some countries, Uber has been banned completely.

While those apps are available in South Africa, they’ve caused disruptions with our own metered taxi service providers, and that conflict became a solid business opportunity for Prince Pirikisi – the founder behind Emergency Taxi.

Having noticed the problems caused between established metered taxi services and the likes of Uber, he set out to create an app that bridged the gap between those services and decreased some tension in our public transport sector.

The partnership of a metered taxi driver with Emergency Taxi will provide the following benefits to the drive:

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  • 3% retainer per annum paid out to driver for total trips
  • UIF Fund contribution
  • ‘Rent to buy’ option for drivers without vehicles (after six months of working)
  • Discounted Data Contracts
  • Access to call centre assistance
  • Rapid response/ Panic button service

This combination offers the best of both worlds for metered taxi drivers, allowing anyone that drives taxis, limousines, or private car hire services an additional option to provide their services through – along with substantial benefits.

Check out more on the Emergency Taxi app here.

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