New Music Streaming App, JOOX Drives Exposure for SA Artists

Joox Music

Now you can discover and listen to local music on the go with the new mobile music streaming app JOOX. It comes jam-packed with hundreds of locally curated playlists so you can find the perfect soundtrack wherever you go. In just a short amount of time, JOOX has already surpassed its competitors to become the number one music streaming app in all four of the previous markets where it has been launched.

With both a free and paid VIP experience available on the app that allows users to listen to music offline, there is also an additional feature that allows for three streaming quality settings so you can manage your data consumption as you go.

In terms of the local music industry, it’s a fantastic way for artists to connect with their fans and get their material out there. In addition to local music, JOOX has also confirmed with all the major international record labels so that you can stream all your international favourite music too – so it’s a win-win!

Download JOOX now and get the first month VIP access for free, as well as access to ongoing freemium options. Paid VIP monthly access thereafter will be R59.99 while two weeks’ VIP access costs R29.99.

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To download  JOOX  for both Apple iOS and Google Play visit

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