New SA App Lets Tenants & Landlords Rate One Another for Vouchers, Rewards

Millennial tenants (aged 22-37), by and large, are renting their accommodation – one of the unfortunate consequences of the last decade’s extreme economic environment. Luckily, having such a large group of people renting opens up opportunities to help them, which is exactly what the Flow App aims to do.

It’s essentially a rewards program, which already means it’s geared for success since rewards programs in South Africa are quite popular. Basically, if there’s an activity you’re doing frequently, there’s likely a rewards program attached to it that encourages you to do it more.

So, why not have the same approach for being a tenant in a flat or house?

Well, that’s precisely what the Flow App aims to do, by rewarding tenants for doing some basic things:

  • Register on the app
  • Add your property’s details
  • Pay your rent on time
  • Look after the home

The landlord doesn’t even have to be active on the app for the rewards to occur, but obviously for landlord’s it’s beneficial to keep track of what’s going on with their homes, which Flow will facilitate.

So, by being a great tenant you can earn thousands of points, and since Flow has partnered up with the likes of Superbalist, Weylandts, SweepSouth, and OneCart among many others, there’ll be no shortage of places to use points with.

Check out Flow (currently available on iOS and soon to be available on Android) if you’re renting a property and start earning your points today!

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