Nokia ‘Snake’ AR Filters Now Available on Facebook Camera for Android and iOS

Nokia AR filter

Playing Snake on a green-screened Nokia phone was every 90s kid’s favourite past time. While we don’t miss the days without smartphones, we sure as heck do love a little dose of nostalgia every now and then which is why the latest news from Nokia is so darn exciting. In an effort to bring the iconic game to a new generation of fans, Nokia has announced a whole new way to enjoy the Snake experience and it’s loads of fun!

That’s right, Nokia has updated the classic snake game and transformed it into an augmented reality with two new filters: Snake Mask and Snake Real World. Bringing the original cell-phone game back to life, the filters allow users to be the apple-munching Snake in the game with Facebook’s new augmented reality technology. You can even showcase your gameplay live to your Facebook news feed with Facebook Live, allowing your friends to get in on the addictive action.

The Snake Mask uses the front-facing selfie camera on your Android or iOS device to allow you to transform into the Snake character, reacting to the movements of the player’s face in real life. Snake Real World activates your rear-facing camera allowing you to bring Snake to wherever you are. Not YouTuber Matt Keck celebrated the release of the Snake filters with a hilarious viral sensation video “I’m a Snake”, which tested out Snake on Facebook camera.

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The new and improved Snake offers users an even more immersive, addictive experience than the classic game. The camera effect can be accessed via the Facebook camera and is universally available to all smartphones on Android and iOS. To play you simply open the Facebook app on your smartphone, click the camera icon in the top left of your screen to open Facebook camera, scroll to the Snake mask and sssstart to play!

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