NoMU Launches Plant-based Granulated Sugar Substitute in South Africa

NoMU sweetly

As the war against processed sugar rages on, consumers are looking for alternatives to satisfy their sweet tooth. There are, of course, many sugar substitutes on the market but a new plant-based offering from local producer Nomu promises to be one of the best yet. The family-owned business has a track record of innovation in the sugarless category, the brand’s Skinny Hot Chocolate is a staple for many, and the all-new Sweetly is gearing up to be a game changer in the sugar substitute market. A great choice for anyone looking for an alternative to sugar, without the traditional drawbacks of typical sweeteners, Nomu’s Sweetly looks and feels like granulated sugar but doesn’t leave a bitter after taste in your mouth like many other sweeteners.

Ideal for diabetics, or those wanting to monitor their sugar intake, the low-kilojoule granulated sugar alternative can be used to sweeten your coffee, cereal, home bakes, iced drinks, and desserts. Basically, you use it as you would standard sugar. A 4.5 gm sachet is as sweet as a teaspoon of sugar so there’s no death by sweetness when you accidentally spill the whole sachet into your coffee, and contains only five kilojoules.

NoMU sweetly

The product contains a blend of plant-based non-nutritive sweeteners (erythritol, inulin, steviol glycosides) and flavouring and looks, feels, and tastes exactly like sugar — minus the high kilojoule count. What’s more, Sweetly is also tooth-friendly (consuming it won’t cause any tooth decay), free from chemicals, Kosher, Halaal, and is endorsed by Diabetes South Africa.

The great news is, the Sweetly sachets and granulated sugar packs are just the beginning for Nomu as the brand has promised to roll out new products under the Sweetly brand in the coming months.

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NoMU sweetly

Sweetly is currently available in a 400g bag online at R135.95, or in a box of 36 sachets at R79.

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