Nude Foods to Open Cape Town’s First Plastic-Free Grocery Store

Nude Foods

The fight against plastics, especially single-use plastic, is continuing in Cape Town with the launch of the first plastic-free grocery store, Nude Foods. Opening on Constitution Street in the CBD in November, the store is a fantastic step towards environmentally conscious consumerism. Capetonians will need to bring their own reusable shopping bags, glass jars or containers in-store to pack and weigh their food.

Despite most plastic bags being fully recyclable, the fact is very few people actually ever recycle effectively. This despite the fact that there is growing awareness and concern by citizens of unnecessarily over-packaged items. The store is thus a happy medium, offering the opportunity for goods to bought plastic and packaging-free and promoting a recycling mindset. The fresh produce on offer is also affordable, non-GMO and constitutes healthy wholefoods supplied by small local businesses, while their home and body products are earth-friendly. And, in keeping with the packaging free ethos, all the products at Nude Foods are sold by weight.

With global warming and the horrific state of landfills and the oceans, a plastic-free future is really our only option at this point and even the smallest of changes have to start with us.

Watch the Nude Foods promotional video here:

For more information visit the Nude Foods website.

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