Online Ordering & Delivery Software Can Save Your Business from Big-Name Apps

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Online food ordering has seen a huge surge over the past few years, with many businesses wholeheartedly adopting an online ordering process; and with the influence of COVID-19, that reliance on digital orders has not only become a viable option for businesses, but a necessity.

Curated ordering an delivery apps like Uber Eats and Mr D. Food have become extremely popular as a result, allowing users to have a vast choice of food outlets at their finger-tips. However, for many small businesses, they’re not as flexible and controllable as one would like. While they do provide great exposure for these small businesses, the app service itself takes a notable cut off each transaction, often leaving the providing food outlet with very little profit, and they fail to fully showcase what each respective listed business is really about. Additional issues include the fact that using delivery apps tends to create customer loyalty for the third-party app and not for the restaurant, which harms the restaurant’s branding efforts.

This is why many food outlets and small businesses are looking into developing their own apps or platforms, where control, flexibility, and maximum profit is ensured.

food delivery


The reliance on delivery for restaurants, many establishments are starting to see the benefits of mobile development and having their own delivery application — or, at least, moving much of their ordering and delivery service online. While using the big third-party apps have their benefits, creating your own in-house platform will help reduce overhead, improve customer loyalty, and protect bottom lines.

One of the most important (and under-appreciated) elements which has helped businesses whether the difficulties of lockdown regulations has been loyalty. Restaurants have survived by being the loyal option for locals and making delivery personnel.

Customer relationship management contributes to this loyalty too. Many restaurants are turning away from third-party delivery apps because they shift loyalty away from the restaurant and toward the delivery app. Using a custom app empowers restaurants to maintain customer loyalty and improve the overall customer experience with app-specific coupons and limited-time discounts.

Once a customer joins your own proprietary app or platform, the restaurant can use this system to send information, personalised limited offers, and promotional items to customers can keep them coming back for more.

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To adapt, restaurants need to consider embracing the digital space and investing in their own solutions to ensure a profitable future. Through company-specific software development, restaurants can invest in their future and seek to reclaim their lost market share.

Furthermore, having a custom-developed solution for your business has a number of benefits, giving it longevity, allowing it to be easily upgradable, and it’ll help set your business apart.

If you’ve been considering custom software for your business to help you hit new heights, but aren’t sure where to start, check out My Online Presence. Their team is incredibly adept at helping people get a digital foothold that can help their companies grow and function better, all leveraging the best digital approaches available!

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