Optiphi Body Care Review: Why Skincare Isn’t Just for Your Face

Optiphi Body Curve

Winter is almost upon us, and for most people that means ramping up their skincare routine with more nourishing products to fight the cold weather. But a good winter skincare routine is about so much more than just taking care of your face. The rest of your body also needs more care and attention during the winter months and is an area that often gets neglected.

Just like your face requires regular moisturising to not look dull and flaky in the winter, so does your body. Arms, legs, shoulders, and hands are often neglected but are no less susceptible to skin issues such as dry patches, redness, acne, wrinkles, or even rosacea and eczema. That’s why, this winter, I’m all about committing to giving my skin the TLC it needs, from head to toe.

Optiphi Body Curve

The great news is, the skin on your body doesn’t need as much maintenance as your face, and you can get away with just doing the basics well; think a great SPF, nourishing cleanser, and good-quality moisturiser. To care for my skin as the weather turns from bad to worse, I’ve been reaching for the Optiphi Body Curve range. The locally produced skincare range is developed with South African skin and climate in mind and offers a range of body care products to keep your skin in tip-top shape.

The Body Curve range includes a variety of specialised body care products. This includes the Body Wash (an invigorating body cleanser offering a gentle exfoliation), Scar Therapy (a lotion to help improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars), Calm Balm (to help treat redness, irritation and sensitive skin), Body Lotion (for immediate and long-term skin hydration), and more.

Optiphi Body Curve

Hands-on with the Body Curve range

Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to try the Sculpting Repair (rejuvenating and smoothing corrector); Body Foliant (double-action revealing exfoliant); Renew (anti-ageing Hand Therapy SPF20), and Solar Spritz (lightweight SPF Protection SPF30).

If you’re concerned about cellulite and are looking for a product to help tighten the skin and improve skin elasticity, then the Sculpting Repair treatment (R787, 100ml) is well worth the splurge. Formulated to help target the underlying causes of cellulite, the skin rejuvenating treatment supports the reduction of stubborn fat deposits responsible for the appearance of cellulite. Plasma Rich Rockbreaker Plant Cell Factor increases intercellular energy, while Soya Isoflavone tightens and firms the tissue. Finally, the addition of Retinol aids in the improvement of sun damage and visible signs of ageing and Encapsulated hexapeptide-39 aids in diminishing the appearance of visible cellulite.

Sculpting Repair treatment

The product can be used twice daily, and should be massaged into the affected areas using circular, upward motions. It’s important to note that with this product, Optiphi doesn’t promise to get rid of cellulite, but rather reduce the appearance of the dimply skin (which is adipose tissue) that we all loathe so much. After 2 months of religiously using this product twice a day, I can definitely see a notable improvement in the appearance of the dimply skin on my upper thighs and the skin does feel more firm.

The Body Curve Body Foliant (R924, 200ml) is my favourite of the range and offers a dual-action complex with chemical and enzymatic exfoliants. This gentle product works to exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells while also calming sensitivity. The product contains Glycolic Acid to exfoliate while simultaneously stimulating collagen production and assisting in re-plumping the skin. This chemical exfoliator assists in restoring photo-damaged skin and calming sensitised skin areas. Lactic Acid helps to boost the skin’s natural moisturising properties while keeping the skin supple and hydrated.

Optiphi Body Curve

The dual-action product works like an absolute dream. Dark spots and pigmentation are targeted by the combination of these acids, helping to brighten the overall skin tone, leaving you with soft, radiant-looking skin. My skin is always baby soft after using this product, and it’s sure to be a lifesaver this winter!

When it comes to caring for my body, hand cream is one of my most important skincare must-haves. I use hand cream like it’s going out of fashion and am always on the hunt for new creams to try. As far as hand creams go, Optiphi’s Renew Antiageing Hand Therapy SPF 20 (R388, 75ml) offers a 5-star experience.

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Renew Antiageing Hand Therapy

With its unique formulation, the product goes over and above the duties of an everyday hand cream, helping to diminish age spots and promote the renewal of soft youthful hands whilst protecting against UVA and UVB rays. Dry skin is combated with the combination of Vitamins B3 and C, which helps to calm redness and restore the skin’s protective barrier.

But it’s not just about putting moisture back into the delicate skin on the hands. Premature and photo-ageing on the hands is hindered by Tripeptide-33 which offers protection against UVA-induced long term damage, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. The powerful antioxidant blend of Chromanol and Licorice Extract helps to protect against environmental stressors and external ageing factors while also helping improve the appearance of discolouration and age spots. Finally, Green Algae Extract works to encourage a youthful skin appearance and improve overall skin firmness, thickness and elasticity.

Optiphi Body Curve Solar Spritz SPF30

If you’re looking for a fuss-free SPF then you’ll love this easy-to-use Optiphi Body Curve Solar Spritz SPF30 (R504, 150ml). Not only does this SPF spray help to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but it is also formulated to help curb the effects of UV radiation, such as redness, sensitivity and photo-ageing. This oil-free, mattifying and lightweight sun protection is packaged in a spray bottle for easy application on the go. It’s perfect to keep in your handbag and is ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle. I love it because it’s fast-absorbing and feels ultra-light on the skin.

The great news is, with this product, you also get so much more than just a basic sunblock. The product is packed with powerful ingredients to help treat the skin too. Thermus Thermophillus Ferment helps to reduce the damaging effects of Infrared (IR) radiation while also boosting hyaluronic acid production, thereby helping to improve skin texture, and boost hydration. Strong antioxidant protection is provided by Tripeptide-33, which reduces the onset of photo-ageing and minimises the damage caused by free radicals.

Want to know more? Check out the full Optiphi Body Curve range online now.

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