Our Heart Skips a Beat for these Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Headphones

Jabra Sports Pulese Wireless

It’s time to step your workouts up a gear thanks to Jabra. The expert in call centre headsets, hearing aids and hands-free cellular headsets has just launched an innovative new sports headset with built-in heart rate monitor and a real-time interactive app. The Jabra Sport Pulse wireless headphones arrived in South Africa in November last year and the Womenstuff team got the chance to test it out.

The new wireless sports headphones are perfect for outdoor and home training and offer an all-in-one training system for those who want to keep track of their workouts and push themselves to train harder than ever before. The system combines an in ear biometric heart rate monitor built to withstand intensive training (they are sweat and rain proof), sound and real-time voice coaching as well as goal setting for specific forms of exercise.

We really loved this nifty little gadget and the possibilities it brings to your workout. The fact that the headphones are wireless and have a built-in heart rate monitor means that there is no clutter when you’re running and training; all you need is your phone and your headphones. The heart rate monitor itself is also extremely accurate and during testing with Campbell University in North Carolina, USA, it showed extraordinary accuracy with a 99.2% correlation.

The Jabra Sports Life app is also really easy to use is available on Android and iOS and allows you keep track of your heart rate during your workout and track your progress so that you are always working at your optimum level. The in-ear voice training is also offers great motivation throughout your workout with updates on distance or time to go to your pre-set goal and current heart rate. Another great feature is the fitness test which allows you to then adjust your heart rate zone to optimise your training and set goals based on distance, time or calories burned.

Of course no workout is complete with great tunes and the app also allows you play your pre-selected music playlists during your workout and control your music playback, volume and take calls with a quick tap on the ear buds – meaning you never have to take your phone out during your workout.

The Jabra Sports Pulse wireless headphones are chargeable and come with a few interchangeable earpieces so you can find your perfect fit. The headphones retail for a recommended price of R2,399 which is pretty good considering a separate heart rate monitor would set you back between R700 – R1,000.

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