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The Kase

So by now you are probably all very familiar with the idea of gadget case customisation; there are loads of websites out there offering personalised cell-phone cases featuring photographs, francy pants designs and so much more but trust me when I say that no-one is doing it quite like The Kase. The new gadget customisation store offers customers an online and in-store service with their easy-to-use website and super cool store in Rosebank. Keep reading to find out why I am so in love with this new arrival!

A well-known international brand, The Kase arrived in South Africa earlier this year when it launched its online store and stand-alone store at Rosebank Mall. The brand is quite unique in that it not only allows you to create your own unique, personalised case but it also allows you to choose from thousands of unique designs created by artists from around the world. The design collection is so extensive that it would take you hours to get through all of them and I’m quite sure that there is no end to what you can create with The Kase!

I popped into the Rosebank store to create my own ‘Kase’ and loved what I saw. The store is quite small but offers a wide range of cell-phone covers for almost every cell-phone brand out there. If you’re tired of everyone only focusing on iPhone and Samsung then you need to visit this store because they have covers for everything from Apple, Samsung and Blackberry to HTC, Sony and Lumia. This really makes them stand out in the crowd as most of the their competitors focus solely on Apple and Samsung devices. They also offer customisable covers for a range of tablets!

The Kase

I decided to create a Kase for my Samsung Galaxy S4 and loved the process. First I chose a blank cover from the cover wall (and wow what a selection) and then I positioned myself in front of one of the many tablets in store to design my Kase. I decided I wanted to choose one of their original designs, rather than go with a photograph of my family or pet so I browsed through the various design categories for ages before finally settling on a super cool vintage Marshal guitar amp motif. The vintage section of the design album was by far my favourite and it took me forever to decide which one I wanted. Once I’d chosen my design the helpful shop assistant took my cover and put it inside the printing case in the middle of the store. Here you can watch the machine print your Kase right in front of your eyes. Five minutes later my Kase was printed (and dry!) and I could pop it on to my phone and get on with my day.

I was super impressed with how vivid the colour of the print is and how well the cover has protected my phone. I have had it for about 2 months now and it’s still in perfect condition despite having to deal with all the other crazy things that fly around in my handbag. Other covers I have used in the past have chipped within a few weeks and faded quite easily but the covers from The Kase are durable and such great quality that they don’t even flinch when they get abused.

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The customised smartphone covers will set you back about R399 and can be created online using the handy Kase design system or in-store with the help of a consultant. The stand-alone store and online store also offers a wide range of ready-to-wear covers for devices (including a fashion range, wood range and embellished covers) as well as a collection of smartphone tablet and gadget accessories.

Visit the Kase website to design your own cover now or visit them in store at Rosebank Mall. You can also say Hi to The Kase on Facebook for more information on the brand.

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