Protect Yourself Against Sunburn with La Roche-Posay’s Wearable Patch

My UV Patch

We’ve all been guilty of it: Spending too much time in the sun, forgetting to put on sunscreen, getting badly burnt, you name it – we’ve all done it at some point. And despite all the warnings of UV damage and the skin cancer risks, protecting our skin still seems like something we have difficulty managing in our daily lives. Surely in this day and age we need a more future-forward approach? Enter this amazing innovation: a wearable smart patch from La Roche-Posey that will help minimise sunburn!

While it sounds too good to be true, this wearable piece of tech in the form of a patch is an award-winning, digital breakthrough that really works! From the dermatologist-recommended brand, La Roche-Posey comes the My UV Patch and the My UV Patch app that, when used in conjunction, will change bad sun habits into life-saving ones.

So what is it?

The My UV Patch is an ultra-thin, waterproof, flexible and connectable UV sensor that is designed to measure your sun exposure by way of UV sensitive dyes that change colour when exposed to UV radiation. This data is then fed through to the My UV Patch app which in turn analyses the different photosensitive dyes to determine your UV exposure level. Through a smart algorithm factoring in the user’s personal data – phototype, skin type, location and weather data – the app generates essential information on what behaviours to adopt and what protection to apply. It’s basically your sun protection life coach!

Did you know:

Skin cancer is more common than all other cancers combined! Even more alarming is that it’s also one of the most preventable, with 86 percent of melanomas and 90 percent non-melanoma cancers caused by sun exposure, so it really is up to us to take better care of our skin. The good news is that when caught early, especially with regular self-examination, 90 percent of skin cancers are curable. So it’s important to maintain a proper sun protection routine, check those moles and get educated on the real risks and how to go about preventing them.

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The My UV Patch will be available from October at select skin care boutiques and Dischem pharmacies. The My UV Patch app is free to download for both Android and iOS.

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