Ray-Ban Launches Bold new Blaze Collection with Innovative Sharp ‘Onesie’ Lens

Ray Ban Blaze Collection

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your shades this season then you can’t go wrong with Ray-Ban’s innovative new Blaze Collection. Featuring an innovative sharp ‘onesie’ lens with a flat lens-over-frame look, the new collection is fun and oh-so-striking, and with 5 different styles to choose from, there’s a shape to suit everyone. The eye-catching new lens construction redefines timeless profiles and goes beyond all expectations setting the standard for one-of-a-kind style. The onesie lens can be found on original Ray-Ban icons, including the Clubmaster and Shooter.

Not convinced you need to splurge on expensive sunglasses? According to Dynamic Vision, South Africans should be as diligent about sunglasses as they are about sunblock all year round – yes that’s right, even in winter! South Africa is renowned for its all-year-round sunshine and high levels of ultraviolet (UV) light and while this encourages loads of outdoor activity, lots of time in the sun can be bad for your eyes. “Whether from natural sunlight or artificial sources, UV light can seriously damage eyes and with the ozone layer shrinking and more UV rays reaching the planet, wearing protective eyewear has become more important than ever before,” says Ruahan Naude, CEO at Dynamic Vision. This winter makes sure you invest in a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and if you’re all about looking oh-so-stylish while doing it then the new Ray-Ban Blaze collection is a great place to start.

Here’s the low-down on the new Ray-Ban Blaze collection:

Blaze Shooter

Ray Ban Blaze Collection

Flaunting dark mirror shades in contemporary colours and fine, shiny metal frames, this all-new flat shield lens construction redefines the unmistakable shape of the original Shooter for urban style hunters who are looking for a
twist. Available in original Arista; sleek silver; new copper; or blue and modern demi-gloss black, icon-inspired design has never made such a statement.

Price: R 2,290.

Blaze Round

Ray Ban Blaze Collection

For those who love the vintage look, the classic Ray-Ban rounds are sure to impress. This classic shape takes on a sharp urban slant in the Blaze collection. For this style, round goes flat-mirror-over-frame for a bold statement. The clean-cut profile of these shades offers a retro classic shape with a modern edge to create a new type of vintage-cool.

Price: R 2,290.

Blaze Clubmaster

Ray Ban Blaze Collection

Reimagining the bold profile of the original Clubmaster through the same new construction, Ray-Ban takes it up a notch by adding textural contrasts to the Blaze Clubmaster. Fine flat-metal volumes in brushed, striped and demi-gloss finishes, are juxtaposed with flat lenses in colourful flash and mirror shades to highlight the cutting-edge sophistication of timeless icons with a bohemian urban appeal.

Price: R 2,290.

Blaze Cat-eye

Ray Ban Blaze Collection

Making sure that all bases are covered, a daring new cat-eye shape explores the seductive power of sharp urban style with a luminous edge. Sophisticated textures on flat-metal frames contrast brushed, striped and demi-gloss finishes with colourful flat flash and mirror shades to reveal the edgy charm of trendsetters who like to turn heads.

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Price: R 2,290.

Blaze Club Rounds

Ray Ban Blaze Collection

A hero of cosmopolitan design returns with a playful new angle on street-smart style. For the Blaze Club rounds, round metal goes full colour. Revisited with multi-tone gradient sunshades and punchy colour combinations, this cut-off variation on an iconic must-have brings a burst of colour to the look of modern style brokers who like to push the limits.

Price: R 2,190.

For information on the new Ray-Ban Blaze collection, visit the Ray-Ban website



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