10 Reasons to Bake with Your Kids!

Baking with kids

Great news for bakers, tomorrow, Tuesday 17 May is World Baking Day! In celebration of this auspicious day we’re looking at why it’s important to spend time baking in the kitchen with your kids … or even your whole family! While baking with children can get messy, you’re sure to have a great time together. It’s not just about making delicious treats to be enjoyed later but also creating long-lasting memories and teaching your children valuable life lessons. That’s right, baking can be both fun as well as educational! Here are 10 reasons you should bake with your children. We’ve also included some fabulous baking goodies from Hamleys to get you started – all that’s left to do now is bake, bake, bake!

1. It will improve their reading skills

Reading the recipe along with your kids before and while you bake will help them improve their reading skills. Plus, your kids will learn all sorts of new words from the recipe books.

2. They’ll learn to follow directions

Baking will also help kids to learn to follow directions and teach them how to follow a step-by-step process to reach an end result.

Mickey Mouse Cake Mould
Mickey Mouse Cake Mould – Hamley’s, R249.95.

3. They will improve their maths skills

Baking will also help your kids improve their maths skills. Little ones can learn to count, add, subtract and divide through baking.

4. It will teach them to have patience

Baking also teaches kids (and adults!) about patience – baking takes time and can be quite a precise process.

5. They learn about science

When you think about it baking is just like a science experiment – when they bake kids will learn about what happens when you mix things together and add heat!

So Cook Alphabet
So Cook Alphabet – Hamleys, R119.95

6. It will teach them the importance of safety in the kitchen

Take time to teach your kids the importance of being safe when they’re in the kitchen. Values like wearing an apron so as not to mess on clothing and being careful when dealing with the oven are important skills to learn!

7. It will show them the value of teamwork!

Baking will also help to teach kids about the value of teamwork as they will learn the importance of helping each other while baking.

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8. They’ll learn about nutrition and how food is made

Baking teaches kids the process of food production and what goes into the food they eat. It is also a great time to teach your kids about nutrition and healthy eating.

Barbie Bake Book with Baking Utensils
Barbie Bake Book with Baking Utensils –Hamleys, R179.90.

9. They’ll learn how to clean up after themselves

Baking with your kids will help them learn about making a mess and having to clean it up afterwards.

10. They’ll learn sharing is caring

Baking will also teach kids the importance of sharing. They’ll have to share the treats they bake with the whole family and possibly their friends.

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