Good-for-You, Zero-Carb Sugar Replacement Launches in SA


As many health-conscious people across the globe concentrate on reducing their daily sugar intake, the demand for sugar alternatives continues to grow. Here in South Africa we already have a few local and international sugar alternatives available for consumers to sweeten their meals without the guilt, but a new homegrown product is promising to offer a sweetening solution unlike any other. Launched in a joint venture with Pioneer Foods, local entrepreneur Deborah Good’s FreeSweet claims to bridge the gap between sugar and artificial sweeteners by offering a zero-carb, good-for-you alternative that replaces sugar in a 1:1 ratio in recipes.

Made entirely from naturally sourced, non-GMO ingredients, FreeSweet has been designed to be a healthy replacement for sugar in exactly a one-to-one ratio in your coffee, tea, or when baking and cooking. The sweetener has been endorsed by Diabetics SA and is carb-free, low in calories, and has a low glycemic Index response, making it a tempting choice for those with a sweet tooth. The sweetener is also vegan-friendly and contains just a short list of ingredients including Erythritol, xylitol, inulin, anti-caking agent, himalayan salt, and flavourings.


As a sugar alternative, the benefits are clear. Freesweet contains 67 percent less calories than regular sugar and is a health-conscious sweet tooth’s dream come true. While sugar contains 80kJ per 5g serving, there are just 28kJ in a 5g serving of Freesweet. What’s more, a teaspoon (5g) of Freesweet contains 0g carbohydrates, making the sugar replacement ideal for people who prefer to keep their carbohydrate intake as low as possible.

While some alternative sweeteners have a laxative or bloating side effect, with a bitter aftertaste, Freesweet claims to offer a more natural product with a sugar-like taste and texture that also has health benefits. For example, the inulin in Freesweet is a type of fibre and a prebiotic that helps the healthy bacteria in your digestive system to flourish. In addition to a delicious taste and additional health benefits, the product also bakes and caramelizes almost identically to sugar, making it a great choice for those who love to bake guilt-free sweet treats at home.

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Freesweet will be available in two flavours – Original and Vanilla – and can be purchased in a range of convenient packaging solutions: a box of 36 x 5g sachets (RRP: R69.99), 200g glass jars (RRP R59.99), and 500g pouches (RRP: R119.99).

Free Sweet is now available nationally in all major retail stores. For more information and a variety of recipes using Freesweet, visit their website.

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