You Have to Visit This South African Restaurant Before You Die! [Review]

Restaurant Mosaic

I know, I know everyone’s always talking about that restaurant that you HAVE to visit. But if you don’t visit South Africa’s Restaurant Mosaic before you die then you will regret it. The multi-award-winning restaurant owned and run by multi-award-winning chef, Chef Chantel Dartnall and the Dartnall family is one of the places you just can’t ignore. Located at the oh-so-incredible Orient Boutique Hotel in Elandsfontein, Pretoria Restaurant Mosaic is so much more than just a restaurant… it’s a destination. Trust me, you don’t know what fine dining is until you have sat down to enjoy a meal at Mosaic. So start saving now because while it’s not cheap to eat at this spot it’s so unbelievably worth it.

Perhaps one of my favourite things about Restaurant Mosaic is that you won’t leave hungry. Chef Chantel’s food might look like works of art but if you indulge in one of Mosaic’s epic (that’s right it’s nothing short of epic) 6-course tasting menus then you can rest assured that you will leave the restaurant feeling stuffed to the brim. I’ve been to the restaurant three times now and the first thing I want to do when I get home is go back. Mosaic is famous for their seasonal food and wine pairing menus which are served with a selection of the most exquisite wines from around the world. If you’re a foodie and a wine lover then a visit to Mosaic will be a dream come true.

tomato, rooibos and langoustine rissotto
Tomato, rooibos and langoustine risotto

Some of the best dishes I have enjoyed at Mosaic include the TheTomato, Rooibos and Langoustine Risotto (a dish Chef Chantel served at the Chef’s Cup Südtirol in Italy this year), the Free Range Lamb, Salty Rack Rib and the Dark Valrhona Chocolate, Tonka ( a chocolate cherry delight offering a combination of slightly bitter chocolate and a variety of the sweet and sour cherry elements). Of course, every meal at Mosaic is a journey in itself but these three dishes spoke to my tastebuds like never before. The wine pairing option is also a must-try if you love discovering new things – you won’t believe the wines they pull out from their wine cellar and their sommelier is the best in the business.

Food at Mosaic
“The Garden of Eden”

While the food is some of the best you will ever sample, perhaps THE best thing about Mosaic is the vibe. This might be a fine dining restaurant, but it’s far from snooty. The staff and owners are the loveliest people you will ever meet and the vibe at Mosaic is relaxed and down to earth. There are no airs and graces here and you will feel right at home whether you’re a pleb or a celeb. The intimate set-up and beautiful Eastern-inspired decor of the restaurant also contribute to the laid-back vibe. With booth-style seats and two private dining rooms, Mosaic is the perfect place for a special dinner with a loved one or a family celebration.

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Restaurant Mosaic
Beautiful booth-style seating.

If you’re planning to make your way to Mosaic then I would suggest you make a night of it and try their special wine tasting and food and wine pairing evenings. These special events see guests take part in an exclusive wine tasting at The Orient followed by a food and wine pairing experience in the restaurant. If you really want to spring for a spoil then spend the night at the boutique hotel and simply waft back to your room after dinner.

The latest tasting experience at Mosaic was the Spioenkop experience where guests were invited to try their hands at winemaking and create their own blend. The wine making was followed by a 6-course tasting menu paired with Spioenkop wines (14 wine tastings in total) and the entire experience was priced at R1200 per person. Visit the Mosaic Facebook page for details on upcoming tasting experiences.

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