Review: Get Back to Basics with Puma UltraRide Running Shoes

Puma UltraRide running shoe

With every sports brand aiming to implement as much of the latest and greatest in tech into their footwear as possible, Puma’s latest UltraRide running shoes do the opposite. Going back to basics, Puma’s UltraRide offers minimalist appeal. With a retro-inspired look, the trainers take the best of old school design and spruce it up with some new-age tricks for a comfortable fit and a smooth ride. Designed to remove excess materials, these new performance running shoe are all about keeping things light. If you hate the feeling of clunky, heavy running shoes, then this new arrival will be right up your alley.

For this running shoe, Puma is taking a ‘less is more’ approach. The brand dramatically cut down the weight of the shoe with an incredibly light upper made from a mesh-like material to provide breathability to your foot, as well as a very soft synthetic around the lace area to still provide that much-needed lockdown while running.

Puma UltraRide

On the underside, the shoe has a wide sole base, which is something some brands have pivoted away from in recent years as it gives a bulkier appearance. The UltraRides may not look as sleek as other silos out there, but this shoe delivers far more stability than sleeker-look runners on the market, while still feeling feather-light. The decision to include a wider sole base in the UltraRide is indeed a clever one; after all, stability is what runners really need when pounding the pavement.

Speaking of pounding the pavement, Puma’s own proprietary Profoamlite also provides a lot of cushioning while you run, but the biggest trick up the UltraRide’s sleeve is the semi-hollow bridged midsole plate, which acts almost like a suspension bridge for your foot’s arch that has a bit of bendable flex to it. This flex gives the shoe a fair amount of absorption when planting your foot, further adding to the level of comfort.

Puma UltraRide

On the downside, the tongue is not the best Puma has done, and does tend to get crumpled up a little when popping them on. But, the flexible tongue it also a testament to just how soft and light the airy, mesh-like tongue is, and for some, it may not be an issue at all.

I loved hitting the streets in the UltraRides, this shoe is a real pleasure to run in and is a great choice for casual runners who clock in a few 5km runs every week. They’re immensely comfortable and are the type of shoes you can slip on right after buying them. They’re soft and feel like they move with the natural flow of your foot so there’s no need to break them in or worry about blisters from rubbing. I often struggle with blisters around the arches of my feet, but I had no issues with these trainers. If, like me, you lean towards wide-fitting running shoes then these should prove to be a winner.

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Puma UltraRide

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, simple running shoe that delivers great stability, cushioning, and breathability for your feet (while dodging all the superfluous ‘tech’ found across store shelves these days), the UltraRide is a solid option that’ll appease those who love a retro look and feel while on streets.

Puma’s UltraRide running shoes are now available on Puma’s website, Puma stores and selected retailers at a retail price of R1,999.

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