Review: Keep Your Internet Running During Loadshedding with Rectron’s RCT MegaPower


There’s no doubt about it; loadshedding is a major bummer. And sadly, it looks like the dark days of intermittent power supply is something we’re going to be facing for a while. Of course, I know how to occupy myself in the dark as well as the next person — rechargeable lamps, a good book, and a long bath are a great way to pass the time in the evening when the power is out. But, when loadshedding hits during the workday it’s easy to lose my zen thinking about all the valuable work time I’m missing out on.

But, then Rectron’s RCT MegaPower came into my life and all was right with the world again. This incredible device is basically a powerbank on steroids and offers enough juice to keep my Wifi router powered, and my smartphone charged so, I can continue on with my workday with minimal interruption.

RCT MegaPowerThe RCT MegaPower universal power banks come in 54k and 80k capacities which can be used as a normal power bank, except it has slots for charging 4 phones at once. If you live in a household where everyone is addicted to their smartphone, you know what a lifesaver that can be.

Of course, the super-powerful supercell battery can do more than just charge a few smartphones. The device is portable and compact, and can run a 30W connectivity set-up (WiFi router and Fibre terminal) for 4.5 hours (54K unit) or 8 Hours (80K unit).

RCT MegaPower

I tested the 54K unit on our home WiFi router, and it kept our internet up and running for 4 hours before needing to be plugged in and charged. If your laptop is running low on juice the device can also power notebooks for up to four hours. The device takes only a few short hours to get it back to full charge, so it can be ready for the next loadshedding stint.

This is perfect to ensure that your torrents from the pirate bay are not interrupted in the event that you suffer from loadshedding problems. As someone who takes their file downloading very seriously, it is frustrating to see a 10GB file go lame during a power cut. With the device, you can ensure a continuous and uninterrupted power supply for your downloads.

If you’re ditching your deadlines to binge-watch series then you’ll be thrilled to know that this dynamite device can run your 32inch TV for 3 hours (54K unit) or 7hours (80K unit). The fact that this relatively small box is capable of running a TV is beyond exciting, and it really works too!

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RCT MegaPower

The unit is universal and works with normal 2 pin plugs, on universal adapters, and connects anything up to 200W max (combined on both sockets). In terms of ports the unit features 2 x 230V AC Outlets, 2 x 2.4A USB Type A ports, and 1 x 3A USB Type C port.

The recommended retail price for RCT 54k unit is R4,999, while the RCT 80k unit is R6,499. The 54K unit is now available online from Loot.

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