Review: Repair & Strengthen Weak Hair with Inoar Résistance

Inoar resistance bamboo

Too many chemical treatments and heat styling got your hair down? Inoar may just have the answer to your prayers with the new Inoar Résistance range with Bamboo Fiber. Heat styling and chemical treatments can result in your hair becoming dry, damaged, and dull over time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your shine back. Formulated to help repair damaged hair whilst also protecting strands from further damage, Inoar Résistance with Bamboo Fiber is just what the doctor ordered for weak, lacklustre hair.

As it turns out, Bamboo is so much more than just an environmentally friendly alternative in the textile industry; it can do wonders for your hair too! High-protein, selenium-rich Bamboo Fibre ⁠is a true powerhouse when it comes to hair care, and as a result, this Inoar Résistance range can help to resuscitate your mane while also increasing volume and shine. Selenium is an essential nutrient that has been found to play a pivotal role in hair growth, while antioxidants⁠ offer an excellent nutritional supplement for your hair.⁠

Tried and tested

I’m always battling with dry and fragile curls, but this delightful duo from Inoar has helped to breathe life back into my hair. The Inoar Résistance bamboo conditioner definitely helped with my moisture levels and my hair looked healthier and shinier after a few weeks of using the product. The products are marketed as being for weakened hair, so you’d be forgiven for thinking they would have a thick, heavy feeling but the conditioner is actually super lightweight and washes out easily, leaving hair feeling soft and nourished, without being weighed down.

During the lockdown period, I used the opportunity to experiment with different hair styling products. But, using all those products, I started to notice more of a build-up on my hair. The Inoar Résistance bamboo shampoo helped to combat build-up and give my hair more shine and bring back volume. It’s also super gentle on my scalp and helped to improve the condition of my dry, itchy scalp.

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Where to buy

Recommended for all types of hair, the Inoar Résistance range with bamboo fibre is ideal for anyone looking to give weakened hair a bit of a boost. This duo will prove to be particularly useful after extensive chemical processes such as colouring or frequent straightening.⁠

Find the Inoar Résistance Bamboo Duo Kit at leasing hair salons and online from Inoar or The Beautiful Store for R590.

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