Review: Spoil Your Valentine with an Optiphi Classic Indulgent Couple’s Facial


You know what they say; couples who pamper together, stay together. If the special person in your life loves a good spoil session as much as you do, then I’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for you. Forget couples massages — couples facials are where it’s at this year! A facial is not only relaxing but also results-driven, making it the Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving long after you leave the beauty salon.

I got the opportunity to spoil the boyfriend with an early Valentine’s Day treat of an Optiphi Classic Indulgent Treatment at Tammy Taylor Nails Constantia. This 60 or 90-minute customisable treatment offers an opportunity to relax together as a couple while also offering a boost for the skin.

Optiphi Classic Indulgent Facial treatment

According to Optiphi, the Classic Indulgent Treatment targets and addresses a multitude of skin concerns with the use of peptides, botanicals, and carefully selected active ingredients. Unlike other facials which follow a careful, strict sequence, this unique treatment is more of an interactive facial and can be tailored by the therapist to meet the client’s needs. The facial combines aromas, textures and sensations in an array of serums, masks and moisturisers to provide optimal, visible results for clients.

Targeted pampering

Treatment options include Hydrate & Repair, Firming Peptide and Radiance Boost options, targeting a multitude of skin needs. Before the treatment, you simply discuss your concerns with the therapist, and they will select the products accordingly to help reach your desired results from the facial treatment.

What’s more, you can enhance your facial experience with add-ons to really achieve incredible targeted results. The top-up eye treatment, for example, sees the therapist use a potent eye serum and mask combination, to boost the skin vitality around the eye area and includes a take-home eye mask to further enhance the longevity of the treatment.

Optiphi Classic Indulgent Facial treatment

A lavish, sensorial experience

This Optiphi facial was 60-minutes of pure bliss for my senses and my skin… And the boyfriend loved it too! The facial starts with the Optiphi signature facial massage to prepare the skin to receive the powerful blend of active ingredients throughout the treatment. This divine massage is followed by a deep cleanse and exfoliation of the skin using Optiphi’s Exfoliating Concentrate (formulated with lactic, malic and salicylic acid, and vitamin C) which is then removed using the Brilliant & Bright polish. My therapist, Leah, went easy on the exfoliation for me so as not to trigger my skin which can be quite reactive.

Next up, your therapist takes the time to carry out an extensive skin analysis to figure the best products to use on your skin for the treatment. Following the skin analysis, the therapist applies carefully selected serums. For me, Leah recommended the Hydrate & Repair facial, so I was treated to the Repair and Hydrate serum to calm and soothe the skin, followed by the Active Moisture Mask to help improve my skin’s barrier function.

Optiphi Classic Indulgent Facial treatment

This series of products is followed by the Polyphenol Algae Mask. This mask was my favourite part of the facial as it is a whole face mask that covers the mouth and eyes. It dries hard and is removed in one satisfying piece, to reveal problem areas on the skin. The soothing, cooling mask offers anti-stress and antioxidant benefits for the skin while also helping any actives ingredients in the products that follow to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. While the mask is on you can also opt to enjoy an oh-so-relaxing pressure point foot massage that will have you on cloud nine.

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Once the mask is removed, the treatment is concluded with an intensely nourishing moisturiser and sun protection. My skin had a lovely glow after this facial and it felt nourished, soothed and plump. It was just what I needed to revive my skin, which was feeling a bit dull and in serious need of a pick-me-up.

After my treatment, Leah also took the time to chat with me about my skin and Optiphi products that would help maintain my results long after my facial. It was invaluable to hear her feedback and she even made notes for me to take home so I could remember her suggestions once I’d finished up with the products I am currently using at home.

Spoil yourself & a loved one this Valentine’s Day

This delightful treatment was beyond luxurious and was the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day. Of course, the beautiful setting of Tammy Taylor Nails at Constantia Emporium made it even more memorable. The salon space and treatment rooms are beautifully decorated and styled and being in such chic, beautiful surroundings really adds to the glamour and enjoyment of your treatment. The staff at Tammy Taylor Nails Constantia were also truly exceptional and welcoming.

Optiphi Classic Indulgent Facial treatment
Enjoying the glow after my treatment.

The great news is Tammy Taylor Nails Constantia is also running a Valentine’s Day special on all Optiphi products. You’ll get 10% off when you purchase any 2 Optiphi products during the month of February, so it’s a great time for Optiphi fans to stock up.

Combining targeted skin-loving ingredients and technology with a lavish, sensorial experience, the luxurious Optiphi Classic Indulgent Treatment is the ultimate professional skincare treatment to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. The treatment starts at R630 for a 60-minute facial.

Find out more about the facial here.

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