Review: Tint Your Brows & Lashes with RefectoCil’s Plant-Based Sensitive Series

RefectoCil Sensitive

We’ve seen loads of trends come and go over the last year but one that seems to be standing strong is beautiful, bold brows and show-stopping lashes. With most of us still having to wear masks on a daily basis, the eyes have become a big focus for makeup and skincare trends. Now, more than ever, women are putting attention into caring for their brows and lashes as they become the focus of the face.

Regular care for your brows includes shaping them as well as tinting them to ensure they stand out. More women are also turning to tinting their lashes to achieve a more low-maintenance minimalist look. And the best news is, tinting your brows and lashes is something you can in the comfort of your own home — no beauty therapists necessary!

RefectoCil Sensitive

Tinting your brows and lashes at home is super simple when you have the right products, but I often find that many of the pharmacy brand products available in South Africa are a little too harsh for my sensitive skin and eyes. Luckily, I’ve just discovered RefectoCil’s Plant-Based Sensitive Series designed to tint gently and enhance even the most sensitive eyes without irritating the skin.

I’ve been a big fan of RefectoCil for years, and it’s the only brand I used at home when tinting my brows and lashes. But, as much as I love the brand I only use it every now and then because I struggle with psoriasis around my brows and my eyes don’t always take kindly to lash tinting. The trusted brand has been used in homes and salons since 1930 and is available in more than 65 countries, so I’ve always been confident it’s safe to use around my eyes but I’ve longed for a more gentle version of the much-loved product. Enter the RefectoCil Sensitive series!

RefectoCil Sensitive

This exciting range of products from RefectoCil offers customers plant-based eyelash and eyebrow tints that won’t irritate the eyes or the delicate skin around the eyes and brows. It’s the first of its kind eyelash and eyebrow tint based on plant extracts, the products are made from vegan ingredients and are cruelty-free. The tints are available in 4 shades including Black, Dark Brown, and Medium Brown. I tested the medium brown, and it was a brilliant match for my fair skin tone. Medium brown is especially recommended for those with blonde to light brown hair. I will probably invest in a tube of black for my lashes next time I restock my tints as I prefer them to be a little darker.

To use the RefectoCil Sensitive lash and brow tint you’ll need a tube of the RefectoCil Sensitive eyelash and eyebrow tint as well as a tube of the Sensitive Developer Gel. The Developer Gel contains silver nitrate, a natural compound that is used as an anti-infective agent.

RefectoCil Sensitive

The Sensitive series tints use a very unique 2-step application process, and unlike other tinting products, you don’t mix the two together. To use you simply apply the colour tint, leaving it on for 2 mins before wiping off with a dry cotton wool pad. Next you apply the Developer Gel, leaving it on for 1 minute before wiping off with a damp cotton wool pad. That’s it, perfect results in only two simple steps and 3 minutes!

Using the product on my lashes and brows, I didn’t experience any burning or discomfort on my skin or around my eyes, which was a true revelation for me! I always suffer through the burn (the price of beauty!) but using this product I was totally comfortable the entire time. The product wipes off very easily after use and doesn’t tint the skin around the eyes. You also don’t need to use eye protection papers when using this tint because it’s so gentle.

RefectoCil Sensitive

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I’ve used the product a few times now and my tint always lasts about 6 weeks each time. The tint comes in a 15ml tube which lasts ages because you only need a little every time. According to RefectoCil, one tube is sufficient for approximately 30 applications. The 60ml Sensitive Developer Gel will also last you a long time as you only need the smallest amount for each application, RefectoCil says it is sufficient for approximately 120 applications.

The recommended retail price for the RefectoCil Sensitive combo pack (includes a 15ml Sensitive Series Tint and a 60ml Sensitive Series Developer Gel) is R300.


For those who don’t struggle with sensitive skin and eyes, RefectoCil also offers the original RefectoCil tints which are available in 9 different shades: Pure Black, Blue Black, Deep Blue, Graphite, Natural Brown, Light Brown, Chestnut, Red and Blonde. These tints need to be mixed with equal amounts of Oxidant Cream before applying to brows and leaving for 2 minutes before wiping off. The recommended retail price for the original Colour Tint is R125 (15ml) and Oxidant Cream R140 (100ml).

The Sensitive combo packs and original tints and Oxidant Cream are available from Clicks, Dis-Chem and Takealot.

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