Review: Zero-Calorie Refreshment with A1 Sparkling Fruit Water

A1 Fruit water

While the demand for sugar-laden soft drinks has been in steady decline over the past few years, the opposite has been true for the sparkling water category. Consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to their favourite carbonated drinks, but even flavoured sparkling water alternatives aren’t always free from artificial flavours or sugar. Luckily for South Africans looking for a healthy, natural way to enjoy flavoured water, A1 Fruit Water has landed in a fridge near you. The premium natural sparkling fruit water with zero calories promises to add a little sparkle into your life, no matter where you are.

Globally, brands in the sparkling water category are experiencing strong growth and South Africa is on the same course, due to the rise of health-conscious consumers in the country. In fact, according to consumers do not only want to drink products low in sugar, but they are looking for ingredients with health benefits.

A1 Fruit water

I know I’m always on the hunt for more healthy drinks options to enjoy at home and when I’m out with friends, but finding drinks that are sugar-free, preservative-free and zero-calorie can be a tall order. Thankfully, A1 Fruit Water officially launched in South Africa in late 2020, with its range of natural sparkling waters, infused with real African fruit. The natural sparkling fruit water range offers three flavours; Mandarin, Lemon, and Grapefruit.

Produced in South Africa, A1 offers a healthy option for hydration; with the brand saying it is the only offering on shelf right now that can hold a claim to be sugar-free, vegan accredited, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, zero-calorie, as well as sweetener and preservative-free. The natural fruit infusion and flavours found in A1 Fruit Water are captured as a by-product during the fruit concentrate manufacturing process, which is how the natural flavours are infused into the sparkling water range.

A1 Fruit water

What’s more, as a brand, A1 Fruit Water answers the sustainability call to support local. A1 Fruit Water works with farming partners who are located in the sub-tropical mango and citrus producing region of Hoedspruit in the north of the country. Here, the supply chain and local factories are assisted by A1 Fruit Water through their purchasing of the by-product from the fruit concentrate manufacturing process and thus push the supply and demand for fruit produce in the area.

Tried & tested

I tried the A1 Fruit Water range to see if the sparkling fruit waters are worth grabbing on your next grocery run. Of the three flavours, the Grapefruit is by far my favourite. It packs the most punch flavour-wise, followed by the Lemon flavour, which is so refreshing. If you love drinking lemon water then you’ll adore the Lemon flavour.

A1 Fruit water

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It’s important to remember that these are lightly flavoured waters, so don’t expect a big flavour profile similar to other flavoured sparkling waters on the market. Many other sparkling flavoured water brands are packed with artificial flavours to help compete with soft drinks but the A1 Fruit Water range offers more of a subtle, infused flavour.

I expected to love the Mandarin flavour the most, but for me, this one had the least flavour of the three varieties. The flavour was a little too subtle for me, but that’s ok because I can’t get enough of the Grapefruit flavour and will definitely be stocking my fridge with this for the next braai where I’m playing designated Dave.

Where to buy

A1 Fruit Water has national ambitions but has launched with a focus on the Western Cape and Gauteng Provinces for now with products on shelves at Pick n Pay, Spar, other independent retailers, as well as online at Takealot at a recommended retail price of 16.99 per 330ml can and R299 per case.


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