Safety Checklist You Need To Have When Planning A Party

If you’re planning on throwing a gathering or party, there are always a few logistical and safety things to consider in order for your gathering to go off without a hitch. We’ve rounded up some pre-party tricks to ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable time, no matter what happens:

Before the Party

  • Let the police know you’re having a party; some police departments have a Party Registration form that you may submit at your local police station.
  • Fill in the details below and submit it at the police station nearest to the event/party location.
  • Determine how you’ll publicise the event. Use SMS, online notice boards (forums, blogs), and social networking sites for no reason. If the news of the party has already spread, you’ll need to take special measures. Change location/venue, get adult supervisors, hire security personnel, and enlist the help of your neighbours to notify you of any strange behaviour are all good options.
  • Invitation lists should be kept to a reasonable number. If the number of guests is large, enlist the aid of other adults or consider using security if necessary.
  • Individual numbering of your invites is a good idea. Request replies or guests to display their invitations at the entrance.
  • Let your friends know ahead of time that the list will only include those who are on the donor list.
  • It’s no secret that door crashers are less inclined to attend an invite-only gathering.
  • Ask your friends not to tell anyone about the celebration.

The Venue

  • Analyse the number and size of the gathering. If your home is too cramped or unsuitable, it’s safer to host the event in a more controlled environment such as a public hall.
  • Provide enough lighting and try to lighten or hide any dark or hidden spots at the location.
  • Prepare yourself with a first-aid kit and emergency contact numbers in case anybody is drunk or ill. Use plastic glasses from Drinkstuff to avoid any smashed glass.
  • Toilets should be provided in such a manner that visitors are not inclined to leave the premises.
  • Consider where people will park and make sure there is enough parking available.
  • Determine where guests will keep their valuables at the event, and provide secure storage for them.
  • Close any rooms that you do not wish to be accessed.

Transportation to and from the Party Place

  • Consider how your visitors will get to and depart after the party.
  • After the party, parents should be encouraged to pick up their children, reducing the danger of damage to neighbours’ homes as guests depart.
  • Determine a plan to get people out of the area as soon as the party is over. More parents, shared vehicles, carpools, or courtesy buses are all possible options.
  • Buses, trains, and taxis have schedules readily available.
  • Assist volunteer drivers and ensure that sober people have another means of transportation.

Tactics for Managing a Crowd

  • It’s much easier to keep track of the people who come to a party when there is only one entrance or exit.
  • Consider venue entrance and exit supervision.
  • Don’t allow people to congregate in the front of the party, even if you’re only hosting a modest gathering. Gate-crashers more frequently annoy people by hanging around outside the event location.
  • Ensure that smokers are given a location that is outside the party’s boundaries, preventing them from loitering about on the sidewalk.
  • Ensure that adequate supervision and security are in place.
    Keep in mind that it’s your party.
  • You have the right to set and enforce standards of conduct that are acceptable.
  • You have the authority to refuse entry to your party, and you may ask people to leave.
  • If problems arise, contact your local police right away or dial 000 in an emergency.
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