SA’s Catherine Wijnberg Pens a New Guide to Living Your Best Life

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I’ve never been one for self-help books, but a new addition to my home library is making me change my tune. Penned by Catherine Wijnberg, Sheep Will Never Rule The World is unlike any ‘self-help’ book you’ve ever come across. Rather than a step-by-step guide to happiness, this easy read is filled with a collection of inspirational greetings that Wijnberg continues to publish weekly on her personal blog.

The slew of fan emails thanking Wijnberg for sharing her insights sent in over the last three years is what prompted the realisation that a book could help even more people overcome their hurdles and conquer personal demons. If you’ve missed Wijnberg’s weekly updates over the last few years, this book brings them all together in one place for easy bite-sized inspiration when you need it most.

This new guide to living your best life is fuelled by Wijnberg’s desire to help others succeed. The inspirational figure is a successful serial entrepreneur and an advocate of reaching your full potential in both the personal and professional realm. She may be the CEO and founder of Fetola, a respected local company which has a proven track record in helping small businesses thrive, but she is also a licensed pilot, an avid paraglider and single mother of three girls. Wijnberg is a living example of practising what you preach.

This desire to live life to the fullest and help others do the same, resulted in the release of the provocatively titled Sheep Will Never Rule The World on 13 August 2020. The handy volume of collected wisdoms, charmingly and humorously illustrated by Patrick Latimer contains simple but compelling advice drawn from Wijnberg’s experience in life and business and empowers people with practical skills and resources.

The self-help tools in this book will help you turn any crisis around and emerge from it strengthened, confident and compassionate. Sheep Will Never Rule The World opens a window on hope, success and happiness through a collection of 100 wisdoms that are easy to absorb and apply.

Here is just one of Wijnberg’s many pearls of wisdom, found within the pages of Sheep Will Never Rule The World:

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“Too many foolish decisions are made in the heat of the moment. As leaders, we need to learn to recognise a period of high anxiety and have strategies to enable us to step away from it. Simple steps can make a difference. Take a few deep breaths, speak to a mentor, switch off your phone/ computer, go for a walk. The calm this generates will enable you to see the bigger picture. Once the brain has left its highly anxious state, you will be able to make choices that are true to your principles; decisions you are proud of and that reflect the essence of who you are. Taking action while experiencing high anxiety is like driving through a red robot. Stop, breathe and re-balance yourself, and then act!”

For more information on Catherine Wijnberg, visit her blog. Sheep Will Never Rule The World is now available via online book stores and leading local outlets at a recommended retail price of R270.

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