Ingenious Italian Handbag Brand, Save My Bag, Now in South Africa!


There’s a fabulous new fashion brand on the block and it’s quite genius really. If you own a designer handbag then you’ve no doubt stressed about how you’re going to protect it in bad weather and Save My Bag does just that! But, while the line of handbags, made from a waterproof, ultra-lightweight material (poly-lycra) was designed to protect expensive designer purses from the elements, these beautiful babies work as standalone fashion statements on their own as well. Here’s why we’re besotted with this stunning range.

Founded by Italian couple, Stefano and Valentina Agazzi, the idea for Save My Bag was born when the couple hosted an event for the jewelry and luxury industry. The pair had chic lightweight handbags made for the female guests of the party and when the rain came pouring down they watched as the same female guests quickly stashed their precious designer purses inside the gifted handbags, saving them from what could have been sure ruin. A light bulb went off and the couple decided to offer ladies everywhere a permanent solution to protecting their bags from the elements.


What’s super cool about the Save My Bag number is that they’re made from a material similar to neoprene but lighter. The durable material, which weighs less than a bottle of water, is exclusive to the brand and is washable. making it the ideal travel buddy for your designer bags. When you’re in a bind simply slip your expensive bag into your Save My Bag and you’ll be good. You can use these clever little bags when you’re traveling, at the beach, or whenever you need to have your bag protected from dirt or water.

Of course, to hold beautiful designer purses these bags had to be beautiful on their own. The Save My Bag handbags are simply stunning and can even be used on their own if you don’t have a designer handbag to stash inside it. They are incredibly lightweight, so they will save not just your bag but also your back. Plus, the material it’s made from is also super flexible (making it easy to squeeze in under an airplane seat), yet sturdy and can hold up to 12kg of weight inside (because we ladies carry a lot with us!)

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The bags come in a wide range of styles and colours and are priced at R790 for the Pouche Bow Large Lycra, R1 690 for an Icon Lycra handbag, and R 2 090 for an Icon Weekender Lycra. To see the full range and shop online visit the Save My Bag website here.

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